Exposed! A Critical Examination of Dr. Nasir Siddiki’s Story

    But a hireling, he who is not the shepherd, one who does not own the sheep, sees the wolf coming and leaves the sheep and flees; and the wolf catches the sheep and scatters them. The hireling flees because he is a hireling and does not care about the sheep. (John 10:12-13)

" But a hireling, he who is not the shepherd, one who does not own the sheep, sees the wolf coming and leaves the sheep and flees; and the wolf catches the sheep and scatters them. The hireling flees because he is a hireling and does not care about the sheep." (John 10:12-13)

A while back I had found these 2 testimonials of a certain Dr. Nasir Siddiki of Wisdom Ministries, a former Muslim businessman who claimed to have been healed by Jesus Christ (AS), and as such left Islam and became a Christian minister/businessman. Curious to see what could have drove a man to abandon Islam and accept Christianity, I decided to lend an ear to his story. I really have no problem accepting that a minority of  Muslims can and do leave Islam, although I have my own theories as to why that would happen – either they didn’t have their facts straight and made an honest mistake, or that they actually didn’t go through a spiritual journey, but had an ulterior motive for their conversion. I understand how biased all that may sound, and that is why I actually bothered watching and researching Dr. Nasir Siddiki with an open mind and an honest approach…and after all my research, I have to say, it doesn’t look too good for Dr. Siddiki.

The bulk of these post will deal with the first testimony i found, henceforth known as Testimonial A. Testimony as two parts, Part 1 and Part 2.  He made another testimony as well (henceforth known as Testimonial B), but its shorter, and brings nothing new to his story – rather he just makes the same mistakes he did in his 2-part video testimony. I highly advise everyone to watch both testimonials before proceeding with this post, so that you will know exactly what I am talking about here.

Here is a quick outline of what I want to cover (in the order that I noticed them while studying the videos, thought not necessarily the order in which they appear), and then I will go into detail and discuss their significance: (1) incorrect pronunciation of common Islamic vocabulary, (2) incorrect representation salah (the Muslim obligatory prayer) during the reenactment, (3) misconceptions about the Islam’s take on materialistic success, (4) a lack of faith, reliance, and hope in God Almighty, (5) a contradiction between the two testimonial videos regarding who Dr. Siddiki prayed to during his illness, (6) idolatry/blasphemy when Dr. Siddiki prayed to Muhammad (SAW), (7) a complete ignorance of the existence of an Akhira (Islam’s take on the Hereafter), (8) a contradiction within the first testimonial about how much the doctor knew about the Hereafter, (9) misunderstanding the concept of salvation in Islam, (10) misunderstanding of common Islamic vocabulary, (11) a misconception about personal assurance of salvation in Islam, (12) misunderstanding the concept of Jihad and its role in Islam, (13) an misunderstanding of the concept of Allah (SWT), (14) a misunderstanding of unconditional love and free will in both Islam and Christianity, and lastly, (15) an erroneous notion of an Islamic agenda to convert the entire world. After I hit all 15 points of misrepresenting Islam, I will then discuss a couple of other pertinent  issues.

The first problem with Dr. Siddiki that we shall discuss is his accent and pronunciation of common Islamic vocabulary. He says in the beginning of Testimonial A Part 1 that he had an Indian mother and an very religious Egyptian father (both were Muslim), and that he grew up in London, but his accent is that of any North American English speaker. More importantly, he pronounces common Islamic words like that of a FOX News anchor. For example, he refers to his family and adherents to Islam as “Moslems” instead of “Muslims,” or Islam’s holy scripture as the “Koran” instead of the “Qur’an.” He mispronounces Allah (SWT) as “Aala,” and the prophet Muhammad (SAW) as “Mohamed.” He also refers to the holy month of Ramadan (the month of they daylight fast) as “Ramzan.” Now, it is true that many South Asian Muslims mispronounce Ramadan in this manner, too, and that his mother being Indian, he might have adopted this pronounciation. However, his father was a strict Egyptian Muslim, and he would have taught Dr. Siddiki how to pronounce everything in the proper Arabic pronunciation (Arabic being the official language of Egypt). Yet, Dr. Siddiki shows no such knowledge of Arabic, and his South Asian pronunciation of “Ramzan” is the only exception to his otherwise completely North American accent, and so even his mother’s South Asian accent cannot account for all the other problems with this speech. So what does his speech prove? It proves that at the very least, he came from a background that wasn’t too involved with Islam. He was probably not exposed to these Islamic vocabulary enough growing up, so he might have learned them during his time in Toronto Canada. I am not saying his family wasn’t Muslim, but if they were, they probably weren’t practicing Muslims if they didn’t even say these common Islamic terms enough in the house for Dr. Siddiki to learn at least their South Asian pronunciation (from his Indian mother), if not their pure Arabic pronunciation (from his Egyptian father). This means that is education and knowledge of Islam was probably very limited, and that perhaps his family wasn’t as religious as he makes them out to have been. Basically, this puts his background story into question, and also makes one wonder just how involved was Dr. Siddiki with Islam?

The second problem is that during a reenactment, Dr. Siddiki improperly portrayed the method of the Islamic obligatory prayer. I am going to totally ignore how lame the reenactments are in the first place, and just stick to this one part in Testimonial A Part 1 (00:40 – 00:51) where Dr. Siddiki is going into sajdah (prostration), and he appears to be sitting between the two sajadat during a raka’ah (one unit of prayer), but has he is about to go down to the second sajdah he has his hands raised to his ears as they would be during takbir al-ihram (the takbir with the hands raised that initiates the prayer). Now, I know that some of the madhaahab (pl. for madhhab, an Islamic school of jurisprudence) are of the opinion that the hands should be raised during various key points of the salah, but none of them advocate the hands being raise inbetween the sajdahs, so his salah was in incorrect form. Also, he was looking up towards the sky during salah, and this is strictly forbidden in Islam, and this is agreed on by ALL scholars of ALL madhaahab (Sahih al-Bukhari, Vol.1 Bk.12 No.717). So here we have two ways Dr. Siddiki messed up a simple 11-second clip of himself performing the prayer. What I want to know is, if he really was Muslim, then why did he incorrectly portray the salah? Was he never educated in the procedures of salah? Or did he never practice salah? I hope it is one of the two, because if he did know how to pray, but just decided to misconstrue the salah just so that it might appeal to a Christian stereotype of the salah as well as the Western idea of what sincere and earnest prayer looks like, then that would be a sad sign of his character and intentions. Some people might want to argue that perhaps it wasn’t really Dr. Nasir Siddiki, but just some other person who looks EXTRAordinarily like him. Even if it were so, it still wouldn’t matter. They put so much effort in getting all the other details right, such as the make-up to make Dr. Siddiki’s super-shingles boils and blisters look as bad as he says, and they made the image of Jesus Christ (AS) pretty “heavenly” as well, and they even went out of there way to have the shower scene look legit (when he prays to Jesus Christ (AS) and all his boils and blisters fall off his skin), and yet they couldn’t take the time to make a simple prostration look right? And Dr. Siddiki endorsed that, instead of making a simple correction? Seriously…

The third problem is a big one for me personally – Dr. Nasir Siddiki seems to be under the impression that Islam teaches people to go out and become successful financially and materialistically at the expense one’s spirituality and inner peace. He says in Testimonial A Part 1 (01:00 – 01:54) that it was Islam that made him pursue business, and then he talks about how he felt empty and unsatisfied after become rich and successful, as if something was missing in his life. In reality, the reason why he felt empty and unsatisfied is because that after he received his provision from Allah (SWT), he never turned to Him in gratitude and love. Dr. Siddiki didn’t have Allah (SWT) in heart, he never remembered his Lord who blessed him with so much provision and success. He never talks about trying to foster a relationship with the One who gave him his provisions. Yes, he should be able to support himself in the physical world, but he didn’t so anything support himself in the spiritual sense. That is why I took offense when Dr. Siddiki said later in his video how Jesus Christ (AS) gave him a more wholesome and satisfying perspective on life that Islam never offered. He made it  seem like Islam taught materialism, materialism, and even more materialism, with nothing about personal development. Anyone who has ever read the Qur’an and studied Islam knows that Islam is strictly against materialism and any sort of obsession with earthly affairs/matters/wealth that sacrifices spiritual growth. As a matter of fact, a whole chapter of the Qur’an is devoted to the matter:

The mutual rivalry for piling up (the good things of this world) diverts you (from the more serious things), until ye visit the graves. But nay, ye soon shall know (the reality). Again, ye soon shall know! Nay, were ye to know with certainty of mind, (ye would beware!) Ye shall certainly see Hell-Fire! Again, ye shall see it with certainty of sight! Then, shall ye be questioned that Day about the joy (ye indulged in!). (Surah at-Takathur, Qur’an Ch.102 vv.1-8)

As you can see, this chapter does anything but teach people to just strive for financial success. It actually warns of the illusion of success offered in this world and warns those who strive for material success at the expense of spiritual growth. Dr. Nasir Siddiki would have done well to read and ponder on this short chapter, a chapter that is one of the handful of chapters that a majority of Muslims memorize for their obligatory prayers due to its shortness of length.

This doesn’t mean that getting rich in Islam is necessarily a sin. Wealth is seen as both a gift from God Almighty as well as  a test. As long as you do not get too attached to your wealth, fortune, fame, power, etc., and make it your ilah (deity, master, highest desire, lord, center of attention, goal, focus of life, etc.), then success is fine. However, the Qur’an teaches us to give out of what Allah (SWT) gave to us and to use our success for the benefit of others (Surah al-Baqarah, Qur’an Ch.2 v.3), because whatever we own really isn’t ours, but in reality everything  and everyone belongs to God Almighty. So as long as we do not get too egotistical and attached to this world and its pleasures, being wealthy is fine. Islam teaches us to go out and seek our fortune, but mind your spiritual duties as well (Surah al-Baqarah, Qur’an Ch.2 vv.200-201).

All throughout the Qur’an God Almighty warns us how sorry we will be if we focus on this illusory world and never develop our connection with Allah (SWT), like this line:

“Ah! Would that (Death) had made an end of me! Of no profit to me has been my wealth! My power has perished from me!” (Surah al-Haqqah, Qur’an Ch.69 vv.27-29)

Now, maybe Dr. Nasir Siddiki was confused. Perhaps he read somewhere that Muslims were called to success, because in truth, Muslims are called to success 10 times a day…during the adhan (the Islamic call to prayer) that is called out 5 times a day. A line of the adhan is “Haya ‘ala l-Falah”, meaning “Come to (True) Success,” and is called out twice during every adhan, right after the lines “Haya ‘ala s-Salah, Haya ‘ala s-Salah,” meaning “Come to Prayer, Come to Prayer.” This call equates prayer, worship, and contemplation and connection with Allah (SWT) as the true success. If Dr. Nasir Siddiki was really as pious a Muslim as he described himself to be, he should have known all this. Perhaps he could have learned from the prophet himself:

The Prophet (SAW) said, “Riches does not mean, having a great amount of property, but riches is self-contentment.” (Sahih al-Bukhari, Vol.8 Bk.76 No.453)

The fourth issue I have with his testimonial is his apparent lack of faith,  hope, and belief in the existence and attributes of God Almighty during the pinnacle of his illness. He says that after he found out that the doctors couldn’t help him anymore, and that he was probably going to die, he suddenly lost all hope, because all his hope was placed on the doctors (Testimonial A Part 1 (04:53 – 05:01). Then he asks “Who do you turn to when the one…the ones that you’re counting on, to make you better, said there’s nothing they can do?” (Testimonial A Part 2 (05:01 – 05:09) If he were as pious a Muslim as he says he was, he would have firstly placed all his hope on Allah (SWT), turning to Him and praying for healing from Him. However, Dr. Siddiki has the audacity to say in his shorter testimonial that “the Muslim god, Allah, is not a healer…,” (Testimonial B (04:09 – 04:23)) which is why he prayed to “God, if you are real, help me…” (Testimonial A Part 1 (05:41 – 05:53), as well as the previously citation of Testimonial B (04:09 – 04:23) )

Wow, really? First, you differentiate between God Almighty and Allah (SWT)? Both words mean the same thing – perhaps Christians and Muslims hold different conceptions about God, but that doesn’t mean that “God” is Christian and “Allah” is Muslim – both just mean the One God, the Creator and Sustainer of the Universe. Second of all, Allah (SWT) is a healing deity – He is Al-Muhyi, the Giver of Life (Qur’an Ch.7 v.158). If He creates life, and if He will resurrect us for Judgment, who is to say He cannot heal? And He does heal (Surah ash-Shu’ara, Qur’an Ch.26 v.80), and He also provides cures for every illnesses that He has created (Sahih al-Bukhari Vol.7 Bk.71 No.582). Since God Almighty created the diseases in the first place, why not pray to Him and put your faith in Him? No, instead, Dr. Nasir put all his faith in his doctors, and when his doctors failed, he was at a loss. He should have remembered God and uttered the Hawqala (“la hawla wa la quwwata illa billah,” meaning “there is no power, strength, change, activity, or movement except with Allah). Allah (SWT) created Dr. Nasir Siddiki, just as He created the medical doctors, and just as He made the Dr. Siddiki sick, surely He can cure him, too. This basic belief is fundamental to Islam, and it is Shirk fi al-Asma was-Sifat (disbelief in God by either attributing falsehoods to the Names and Attributes of God, or giving His Names and Attributes to His creation instead of to God Himself) to say that God is not a healer…and as everyone knows, shirk is THE worst sin one can commit (Surah an-Nisa, Qur’an Ch.4 v.48). Even more disturbing was his plea to a generic god, “if you exist.” I don’t think I have to say how totally sacreligious that is, in any religion. If the story was flipped, and it was an ex-Christian who converted to Islam, Christians would never sit still for this nonsense. It shows a severe doubt in the existence of God Almigty. If you do not have faith is the existence of God Almighty, how can you be a Muslim, Christian, or Jew? How can you believe in Allah (SWT) and still make such a prayer? Who was he praying to all his life during his salah if it wasn’t to God Almighty? If his spiritual level really at this point, he cannot blame it on Islam, but rather on just his on negligence of his soul, and his sacrilegious obsession with wealth and success. He definitely cannot say that all Muslims are similarly spiritually empty. Any practicing Muslim will tell you that Islam has the cure to such emptiness in his life, and Islam does provide help for those who are ill, so his ignorance of all this makes we wonder just what sort of Muslim he was?

The fifth problem is a contradiction between the two testimonials. In Testimonial A, a cited in the above paragraph, Dr. Siddiki says that he cried out to God, “if you are real…” However, later on in the same testimonial (Testimonial A Part 1 (06:00 – 06:10)), he says that he believed in and cried out to Allah (SWT) and Muhammad (SAW) to save him, and it was Jesus that answered. Even in the shorter testimonial, as cited in the above paragraph as well, he says that he didn’t pray to Allah (SWT) because he thinks Allah (SWT) doesn’t heal. So, within the longer testimonial there is a contradiction, and between the two testimonials, there is a contradiction. Who did you pray to, Doctor? Was it God Almighty, Muhammad (SAW), or some generic deity?  After he cried out to the generic god, he then says that he “believed in Allah, believed in Muhamamd, and I [Dr. Siddiki] cried out for them to help me…” So what happened to you crying out to generic deity? Why did you say that you didn’t pray to Allah (SWT) in your shorter testimonial? Hmmm…

Of course, all this leads to the sixth problem, that Dr. Nasir Siddiki actually called out and prayed to Muhammad (SAW) . This is pure Shirk fi al-`Ibadah (disbelief in God by praying/worshiping/devoting oneself to others), and as previously stated, shirk is the worst sin possible (Surah an-Nisa, Qur’an Ch.4 v.48). Yes, as Muslims, we love our prophet, and we strive to be just like him, but we cannot pray to him, for prayer is worship (Sunan at-Timirdhi), and worship must be to God Almighty alone, for even Muhammad (SAW) himself was commanded in the Qur’an:

Say: “I do no more than invoke my Lord, and I join not with Him any (false god).” (Surah Jinn, Qur’an Ch.72 v.20)

The gravity of this error cannot be explained enough. This was sheer and utter blasphemy. No Muslim would ever pray to Muhammad (SAW), just as no Jew would ever pray to Moses (AS). It is here that I first really began to suspect that this video was made for Christians – praying to those other than God (as done with saints), or attributing His attributes on His Creation and Messengers (as done with Jesus (AS)) is what Christians do, and Christians, with their limited knowledge of Islam, might easily but erroneously believe that  Muslims pray to Muhammad (SAW) just Christians pray to Jesus (AS). Christians might be made to believe that Muhammad (SAW) was trying to imitate and usurp the role of Jesus (AS). However, NO Muslim would ever watch this video and fall for it, because the errors here are just too great.

The seventh problem another monstrosity of an error – he confesses in the longer testimonial that he had no idea what happens after death (Testimonial A Part 1 (05:52 – 06:10)), and in the shorter video he confesses that “I [Dr. Siddiki] didn’t know, Karen [interviewer] what death held for a Moslem, but I was afraid of it…” (Testimonial B (03:59 – 04:05) This is unbelievable – just an unbelievable as a Christian saying that he/she doesn’t know what death holds for a Christian, but that he/she is afraid of it. Just as the New Testament talks about Judgment and the Kingdom of Heaven, the Qur’an even more so talks about the Akhira, the Hereafter. It is one of the most common topics in the Qur’an. To read the Qur’an everyday (as he claims to have done in the first minute or two of the longer testimonial) and not catch the idea of a Hereafter is like someone reading the Gospels and not catching the idea of person named Jesus Christ (AS). It’s really that bad. The Akhira part of the 5th Article (to believe in the Hereafter and the Day of Judgment) in the 6 Articles of Faith (Sahih al-Bukhari Vol.1 Bk.2 No.47)- every Muslim knows this basic, fundamental stuff! If he really did perform the obligatory prayer, that means that throughout all the 5 prayers, he recited Surah al-Fatihah, the first chapter of the Qur’an and staple of the obligatory prayer, 17 times day. He should have known that in the surah, God Almighty teaches us in the 4th verse to invoke Him as “Maliki Yaum id-Din,” meaning “Sovereign of the Day of Judgment.” How could he now know there is a Day of Judgment, or even a Hereafter at all, and yet recite this 17 times a day? Even if he didn’t know Arabic (even thought his father was Egyptian), did he never read a translation of at least his prayers, if not the Qur’an? You cannot read the Qur’an and not get the idea that Muslims believe in a Hereafter, that we believe in Jannah (Paradise) and Jahannum (Hell). It is impossible, which leads me to my next point.

The eighth problem is another contradiction within the longer testimonial, as well as between the two testimonials. At first, as cited in the above paragraph, he says how he didn’t know what came after death, yet in Testimonial A Part 2 (03:08 – 03:31) he misconstrues the concept of salvation in Islam by saying that it is just salvation by works – if your good deeds outweigh your bad deeds, you go to Paradise, and if your bad deeds outweigh your good deeds, you go to Hell. So if he knew all this, why did he say in at least two separate interviews that he didn’t know what came after death? Christians might argue that he meant to say that he didn’t know whether he was going to Heaven or not, but if you actually listen to his words without blindly jumping to his defense, you would see that he wasn’t talking about his own personal salvation, but rather the Hereafter in general. He said that he didn’t know what came after death, not that he didn’t know how he would be judged. I don’t think I have to spend much time on this one to make my readers understand the problem here.

However, the readers may need help understanding the ninth problem – the misrepresentation of salvation in Islam as only salvation by works. He says that it is just based on the balance between good and bad deeds – if you have more good deeds, you go to Paradise, and if you have more bad deeds, you go to Hell. This is an incomplete picture of Islamic salvation. The Qur’an says it best:

By (the Token of) Time (through the ages), verily Man is in loss, except such as have Faith, and do righteous deeds, and (join together) in the mutual teaching of Truth [i.e. enjoin one another to perform all kinds of good deeds (Al-Ma’ruf) which Allah has ordained, and abstain from all kinds of sins ans evil deeds (Al-Munkar) which Allah has forbidden], and of Patience and Constancy.” (Surah al-Asr, Qur’an Ch.104 vv.1-3)

In a succinct, 3-verse chapter, Allah (SWT) lays out the requirements for salvation, what does he first say? The first and most important requirement is FAITH. Without faith in the One God Almighty, all your deeds are worthless (Surah al-Furqan, Qur’an Ch.25 v.23), a concept Christians ought to be familiar with (Isaiah 64:6). Faith is THE most important factor in salvation, not just works. Next comes the matter of deeds. Yes, good deeds and bad deeds will be measured, but they will have different weight:

The Prophet narrating about his Lord had said, “Allah ordered (the appointed angels over you) that the good and the bad deeds be written, and He then showed (the way) how (to write). If somebody intends to do a good deed and he does not do it, then Allah will write for him a full good deed (in his account with Him); and if he intends to do a good deed and actually did it, then Allah will write for him (in his account) with Him (its reward equal) from ten to seven hundred times to many more times: and if somebody intended to do a bad deed and he does not do it, then Allah will write a full good deed (in his account) with Him, and if he intended to do it (a bad deed) and actually did it, then Allah will write one bad deed (in his account) .” (Sahih al-Bukhari Vol.8 Bk.76 No.498)

However, an excess of bad deeds doesn’t necessarily mean eternal Hellfire. In Islam, Hell isn’t isn’t always eternal for everyone – people who have faith in Allah (SWT), even an atom’s worth, but had just too much bad deeds, will only only serve a specific amount of time, whether it is one minute, or one billion centuries,  and then they will be given eternal life in Paradise (Sahih al-Bukhari Vol.1 Bk.2 No.42) In any regards, it isn’t even the good deeds that ultimately gain someone Paradise, no matter how much good deeds one can accumulate. It is true that all deeds, good and bad, will be judged and rewarded accordingly (Surah al-Zalzalah, Qur’an Ch.99 vv.7-8), but no amount of hasanat (good deeds) will earn an individual eternal Paradise and the company of Allah (SWT). As the hadith goes:

Allah’s Apostle said, “The deeds of anyone of you will not save you (from the (Hell) Fire).” They said, “Even you (will not be saved by your deeds), O Allah’s Apostle?” He said, “No, even I (will not be saved) unless and until Allah bestows His Mercy on me…” (Sahih al-Bukhari Vol.8 Bk.76 No.470)

Therefore, the faith, love, trust, and obedience in/of Allah (SWT), nourished with His Mercy, is the core of every soul’s salvation, and even though deeds do play an integral part in salvation, Islam is neither a religion of salvation by faith nor by deeds, but rather a religion of salvation by faith proven by deeds. I could go on and on, but now isn’t the time – suffice it to say that Dr. Siddiki was just wrong.

...And We have sent you (O Muhammad) not but as a mercy for all the Worlds. (Surah al-Anbiya, Quran Ch.21 v.107)

"...And We have sent you (O Muhammad) not but as a mercy for all the Worlds." (Surah al-Anbiya, Qur'an Ch.21 v.107)

The tenth issue sort of deals with the first issue about pronunciation, but now the problem is Dr. Siddiki’s knowledge of Islamic vocabulary. First, in Testimonial A Part 2 (02:54 – 03:02) he says that “insha’Allah” means “I hope so…” In reality, the phrase means “if God wills,” or “God-willing.” He does it to make a point about Muslims not knowing about their own personal salvation, and I will get to that  point in a second. Secondly, he says that Muslims call fasting “Ramzan.” No, Ramadan is a month, Dr. Siddiki. We call fasting “sawm.” Yes, we fast during Ramadhan, but Muslims tend to fast during various days throughout the year as well, for spiritual growth. Ramadhan is the holy month where sawm is actually made obligatory. It is like someone saying that Christians refer to the Resurrection of Jesus Christ as “Easter” – Easter is the name of day it happened and the day of its annual commemoration, but it isn’t the name of the event itself. Even non-Muslims know these things…

Now, the eleventh issue is how he says that Muslims do not know whether they will go to Paradise or Hell, and since Christianity gives promise, it is better. First of all, just because Christianity gives you the right to arrogantly boast about your salvation doesn’t mean that Christianity is Truth – it could just mean that you have a false sense of salvation. Promises are not exactly the best way to measure which religion is true and which is false, especially if the promises are unfalsifiable, or at least unfalsifiable during life on Earth. Even so, Muslims are promised over and over and over and over and over again in the Qur’an and Sunnah that they will receive Paradise, to the point where I really don’t feel like giving citations…but here is but a fraction: Qur’an 2:25, 3:133, 4:57, 18:107, 39:73-74, 47:15, 57:21 –  read the Qur’an if you want to know more. However, it is true that Muslims do not say “I am going to Paradise.” This is because we do not know the future – for all we know, we might screw up real bad in sins and bad deeds, or we might even stop being Muslims. As Muslims, we believe that if you leave Islam, you will go to Hell. Therefore, due to our lack of knowledge of the future, we can only say “insha’Allah, if we remain true to al-Sirat al-Mustaqeem (the Straight Path, i.e. Islam).”

The twelfth problem with Dr. Nasir Siddiki’s testimonial is that he says that the only way a Muslim can guarantee his/her salvation other than good works is jihad (04:26 – 04:45). This is such FOX News propaganda – he even had a clip of some Muslim-looking guys with rifles in their hands walking down the street of what appeared to be (judging from the bus in the background) a third-world country. No, of course he doesn’t even bother to clarify the proper meaning of jihad, but rather just leaves it to the audience to rely on the image of the riflemen, as well as their previous stereotypes. Jihad means to struggle in the path of Allah (SWT). It doesn’t mean to march down a street with rifles, nor does it mean hijacking planes and flying them into buildings, nor does it mean to strap a bomb to your chest and walk to into a market square and detonate it. Jihad means struggle to live your life as the best Muslim you can be. Strive to hit all 5 prayers a day, strive to learn more of the Qur’an and teach it to others, and strive to be a Muslim no matter how much discrimination or harassment you will find. Jihad does NOT mean holy war. The root word is “jahada,” which means “to toil, exert strenuously, be diligent, struggle, strive after, struggle against difficulties, etc.” and has never had any meaning to do with a sword, and is far from being synonymous with “war” (1). What really gets me riled up is that eh said that jihad is an alternative to good deeds. Jihad isn’t an alternative – it is one the best deeds you can ever do as a Muslim. Jihad doesn’t mean to fight and die, but rather to struggle to preserve and enrich Islam on your life and in the lives of others, and to strive for social justice, and if you are killed trying, then even better. Why is that? As stated before, good deeds are useless if they aren’t charged with proper faith. Thus, our actions are judged on their intentions rather than their outcomes (Sahih al-Bukhari, Vol.1 Bk.1 No.1). Whenever someone prays, he gets rewarded for the intention behind the prayer as well as the prayer, and when one gives charity, she gets rewarded based on the intention of the charity. If someone accidentally makes a mistake during prayer, or if the given charity to a charity organization ends up being usurped by the leader for his own selfish purposes, the good actions of the one who prays or gives charity is still rewarded regardless. Actions should therefore reflect your intention, and basically, every action worth doing should be in the name of God Almighty. By doing good deeds for God and obeying his commandments, you act as a witness to your own faith. You show that not only do you talk the talk, but you walk the walk. Now, what would be the most powerful act of witnessing to God Almighty other than to strive your best to be the best Muslim you can be, whether it endangers our life or not? And if you have to risk your life, even better, for what more could be evidence of your devotion if not you placing your own life on the line? That is why someone who dies in jihad is called a shaheed, meaning “a witness.” It is when lives are at stake that the truly faithful are filtered from those weak at heart. This doesn’t mean you should go walk out on the road and get hit by a bus. It is only when you die in jihad, when you die striving for God, that the merit is found. Therefore, death is not implicit in jihad itself, but death while in the state if jihad is what counts. The point is to make a Muslim be on jihad 24/7, so that when one dies, one is a shaheed. How can one be on jihad 24/7? Easy, by struggling against the temptations of Satan and living by God’s Commandments the best you can.

The thirteenth problem found in Dr. Nasir Siddiki’s testimonial is actually a common Christian argument. He says that Allah (SWT) isn’t a God of Love, but a God of Fear, and that only after becoming Christian was he ever able to attain happiness and love and prosperity in life (Testimonial A Part 2 (05:18 – 08:02). First of all, if he ever read the Qur’an, he would see that ever chapter begins: “In the name of Allah, the Lord of Mercy, the Bestower of Grace.” You read that at least 114 times in the Qur’an at the beginning of each chapter, and many times more throughout the text itself God Almighty is referred to in similar terms. He even calls himself al-Wadud, the Loving (Qur’an Ch.11 v.90, Ch.85 v.14). If you ever head some of the texts of the Qur’an and Sunnah, you would see just how incredible of a deity God Almighty really is. For example:

I am as My servant thinks I am. I am with him when he makes mention of Me. If he makes mention of Me to himself, I make mention of him to Myself; and if he makes mention of Me in an assembly, I make mention of him in an assemble better than it. And if he draws near to Me an arm’s length, I draw near to him a fathom’s length. And if he comes to Me walking, I go to him at speed. (Hadith Qudsi No.15)

The last sentence is what gets to me – see how anxious Allah (SWT) is to develop a relationship with us? However, if Dr. Nasir Siddiki was unaware of this, he cannot blame Islam. It isn’t Islam’s fault that he didn’t know how to get closer to Islam, if he ever even wanted to. It isn’t that hard to learn about. In another Hadith Qudsi:

Our Lord (glorified and exalted be He) descends each night to the earth’s sky when there remains the final third of the night, and He says: Who is saying a prayer to Me that I may answer it? Who is asking something of Me that I may give it him? Who is asking forgiveness of Me that I may forgive him? (Hadith Qudsi No.35)

See how anxious and willing Allah (SWT) is to answer our prayers and grant us forgiveness? He cannot do such things until we ask for it, or else it would go against our will, just as in Christianity you cannot receive the Grace of God until you repent ask for it – only then is a Christian “born-again.” Basically, my point is that all that jazz Dr. Siddiki was going on about when talking about his new life with Jesus Christ, he could have felt such joy and happiness and inner peace with Islam – even the word “Islam” means to “peace, submission,” meaning that through Islam you can attain inner and outer peace by total submission to Allah (SWT). Also, if you think that the God of Christianity is all about love and not fear, you should watch this video made by the Tanglewood Bible Fellowship. Apparently it’s fear tactics aimed at little kids.

The fourteenth problem with the doctors testimonial is his claim that now he can do anything he wants, and God will love him unconditionally, whereas in Islam, God loves you only if you are good and do good deeds. This sort of twists the concept of a loving deity in both religions. In Islam, Allah (SWT) does love us, or else he wouldn’t have bothered to create us. He loves us at the deepest core of it all. However, He hates evil, and hates it when we do evil, and he hates those who do evil as well, but it doesn’t mean that He doesn’t love us as well. When a parent spank or yell at a child, it doesn’t mean that the parent hates the child, but rather that the parent did not approve an action of the child. Likewise, Allah primarily loves us all in the deepest sense as His creation, as because of that, He says that “…with My punishment I visit whom I will; but My mercy extendeth to all things…” (Surah al-Araf, Qur’an Ch.7 v.156) This means that those that deserve His Wrath will get it, but everyone receives His Mercy in some form or another – we just take it for granted. The fact that people can just sit there and talk trash about their Creator using the most vulgar language, and yet they are allowed to walk and talk and see and listen and breathe, should be evidence enough. Truly, God Almighty was telling the Truth when He said that “My Mercy shall overcome my Wrath.” (Hadith Qudsi No.1) Perhaps Dr. Nasir Siddiki should have studied Islam more before he just brushed it off as such a materialistic religion. Also, perhaps he should read his Bible more closely, for it says:

“There are six things the LORD hates,seven that are detestable to him: haughty eyes, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked schemes, feet that are quick to rush into evil, a false witness who pours out lies and a man who stirs up dissension among brothers.” (Proverb 6:16-19)

“And I hated Esau, and laid his mountains and his heritage waste for the dragons of the wilderness.” (Malachi 1:3)

“God judgeth the righteous, and God is angry with the wicked every day.” (Psalm 7:11) [Sounds a little like Islam…]

There is a lot more where that came from. My point is just that even in the Bible God Almighty Hates, even though He Loves.

Finally, the fifteenth problem that Dr. Nasir Siddiki had with his testimonial is this absurd notion that most Islamophobists have – that Islam is out to convert the whole world. Perhaps these people read the Qur’an where it says, “…There is no compulsion in religion, for the right way is clearly from the wrong way…” (Surah al-Baqarah, Qur’an Ch.2 v.256) That pretty much kills his argument right there. Also, for those who think Muslims are trying to convert people or kill those who refuse to convert, they should the Qur’an where it says:

“Say (O Prophet): ‘O ye who reject faith! I worship not that which ye worship; Nor worship ye that which I worship. And I shall not worship that which ye worship. Nor will ye worship that which I worship. Unto you your religion, and unto me my religion.‘” (Surah al-Kafiroon, Qur’an Ch.109 vv.1-6)

It is pretty clear that true Muslims have no intent to dominate the world and make kill off/subjugate others. Perhaps Dr. Siddiki wanted to do such things when he was a Muslim, but the vast majority of Muslims would think that such an idea is ridiculous.

So that covers most, but definitely not all, that I have to say on Dr. Nasir Siddiki’s testimonial in terms of misrepresenting Islam. Personally, I do not believe that Jesus Christ came down and healed him. Many will say that he was lying about being ill in the first place, and that was my initial thought, too, as you can see from my very first video response to him a long time ago, but I know I realize that I cannot honestly say that without medical records, etc.

Now comes the question – what if he really was sick and was miraculously healed? All I can say is that many religions claim to have faith healing, from Hinduism to Daoism, from the Native American religions to South American shamanistic religions. It isn’t anything new. What Islam says is that a lot of these supernatural occurrences, such as visions, ghosts, UFO sightings, divination, possessions, etc. are due to mischievous jinni. A jinn is another sentient creation of Allah (SWT) made out of fire, and they also have free will, and will be judged. In Islam, Satan is a jinn. They are invisible but live among us, and they can be Muslim, Hindu, Christian, etc. I never heard of a healing jinn, but I know that jinn can be responsible for visions. I cannot explain the healing away, but like I said, these sort of healings are not special to Christianity alone. Even within Christianity many people criticize other Christian healers, as such happened with with the Lakeland Revival (or Florida Healing Outpouring) in Lakeland, Florida, USA, from April 2, 2008 – October 12, 2008. Since its start until August 11, 2008, it was lead by Pastor Todd Bentley, and seemed to be a worldwide sensation, quickly gaining followers from all over the globe via the Internet. However this revival was very controversial and not at all accepted by all Christians due to the methods/procedures of Todd Bentley, as well as many of his teachings that were apparently unbiblical. Click here, here, and here to read more, and click here to watch a two-part episode of “Nightline” on Todd Bentley and the Lakeland Revival.

Also, I have a question about the healing. Apparently the Dr. Siddiki prayed to a generic ambiguous deity, and he was answered by Jesus Christ. My question is that how come Jesus Christ doesn’t appear to everyone that call on a generic god? I mean those who are sincere and really seek divine intervention – why does Jesus Christ only answer some but ignore others? Jesus Christ (AS) always healed and helped when asked to while he was on Earth, so why doesn’t he answer those who honestly, sincerely, and desperately call on him, or on a God in general?

Another question is about after he got healed in the hospital. In his home, he had turned on the TV, and apparently rigth then on that channel was a show about Jesus Christ (AS), and Dr. Siddiki said that this show convinced him that Christ was his Lord and Saviour, upon which he knelt down and accepted the Holy Spirit. My question is, what exactly did the show teach you? Don’t you think that you are leaving out an important bit of information? Isn’t that sort of material exactly what Muslims need to hear? Instead of talking about “Ramzan,” why not talk about how you were convinced that Jesus Christ (AS) was divine?

Also, he says that he read the 4 Gospels and learned about Jesus Christ (AS), but if Jesus (AS) really is divine, and the Bible is inspired by God, then why not just read any part of the Bible? Why stick with just the Gospels and New Testament? Why not read about what Jesus Christ said in the Old Testament, such as:

If, however, the charge is true and no proof of the girl’s virginity can be found [during her wedding night], she shall be brought to the door of her father’s house and there the men of her town shall stone her to death. She has done a disgraceful thing in Israel by being promiscuous while still in her father’s house. You must purge the evil from among you.” (Deuteronomy 22:20-21)

Please, talk about your religion in a wholesome manner, don’t just pick and choose – your soul is too precious to play games with.

Muslims aren’t even the only people who have problems with Dr. Nasir Siddiki. Many Christians think he is just another slick evangelical minister out to get money. This is evident when browsing throught the on-line store of his website – 8 out of 10 items are about how to get rich. Instead of talking about developing a relationship with God Almighty, or about how to repent and restrain from sin, or about how to live as a good Christian in secular society, he has more “get rich” products than anyone I know. This strikes me as pretty flaky, as well as other Christians who brought this to my attention. You can read here and here about how some Christians feel about Dr. Nasir Siddiki.

Honestly, as I mentioned earlier in this post, I think that even though this testimonial is feigned at being dedicated to Muslims, I believe true audience is Christians with open checkbooks. The type of misrepresentation of Islam shown by Dr. Nasir Siddiki is to such an extent that no Muslim would ever believe he was ever a practicing Muslim. He just doesn’t show the competence that reflects growing up in a strict Muslim family and being a practicing Muslim for 34 years. However, he hits all the misconceptions and stereotype an average Christian might have about Islam, thus making Dr. Siddiki’s story that much more believable to the Christian. Perhaps the Christian will now join Wisdom Ministries and give more to the tithe?

So there you  have it – the fruits of my humble and amateur examination. If anyone has anything to add, or if I made a mistake, please leave a comment. I plan on e-mailing this article to Dr. Siddiki, and I will make a new post if he ever sends a response back.

– Farhan R.


(1) –  ‘Omar, ‘Abdul Mannan. Dictionary of the Holy Qur’an. NOOR Foundation – International, Inc., 4st. Reprint, 2003

~ by Far7anR on August 4, 2009.

93 Responses to “Exposed! A Critical Examination of Dr. Nasir Siddiki’s Story”

  1. Hey guys,
    Wow, you sure do have a lot to say. I went to a conference of Dr Sidiki’s here in Marietta Ga a few months back. I went not liking what I had seen on tv. He does look loke a greezy, sleezy little foreign thing that appeared on the front door unannounced. Ya know, kind of like the illegal Mexicans you see everywhere. What right do they have here? right? What voice do they have, right?

    But moving on- I went to this conference to expose him and his prosperity preaching, well, because I didn’t like it. But, I tried to go with an open mind, to give the benefit of the doubt to him because if he was what you are saying he was, a true Christian should be able to discern a foul spirit, right? And hey, you must be one of the best Christians, you’ve got one helluva website here devoted to doing nothing but exposing Satan himself- and Lord bless ya, a freekin’ ex- Muslim. You go! girl!

    Anyway, I sat with and talked to Nassir and heard him speak and prayed with this man for 3 days. He backed up everything he said meticulously with scripture that about a hundred of us all read together and no one, absolutely no one refuted one thing he said.

    His testimony, if you want to hear it is that he became very sick and was in the hospital. The Dr’s had given him a death warrant, they said he had hours to live. So he prayed to Mohammed to save him. Mohammed never showed up so he prayed to Jesus. Jesus did show up and cured him. So now he is a Christian. And a pastor.

    During the conference we went over 50 plus verses of scripture in one night that validated his teachings. I looked and read and looked and read and I think he is right and sincere about all his teachings. He is very dynamic and straight forward and he’s also got a good sense of humor. Also I noticed he has an energy about what he does that is very uncommon. I’m sure he could quit what he is doing and go into another field, if he wanted to and be very successful in anything he wanted to do.

    Tell me, does he scare you because he’s just a little different than you are? maybe he still looks too Muslim for you? Not American enough? Hey, maybe he’s got a bomb in his pocket!? Ya think? What’s your real motive here pal? You call yourself humble while you seek to slander someone. I call you an idiot that makes other Christians look bad. Why don’t you take a good long look at yourself and talk about you? Answer: Because no one would listen.
    harmartia- sin we all fall short, we all miss the mark Next time you pray, why don’t you ask God to show you what sin is thru HIS eyes?
    And just shut up, hippocrate, self righeous, ignoramus, puffed up
    no nothing, religious spirit of Satan.

    Dr Sidikki has 2 angels watching over him named, Goodness and Mercy

    Where is your goodness? where is your mercy oh fat mouthed one? What fruit do you bare? Show us your fruit, little boy. Or are
    you just a religious bigot at heart? Jesus came into the world not to condemn, but he sent you right? Where’s the love brother? Is this how you love your neighbor. Why don’t you look that verse up? study it?I believe that’s something Jesus taught. Or maybe it just slipped your mind?
    This is a hate mail you have on the web here. You should be ashamed. You should repent. Jesus himself didn’t do to anyone what you have done to my friend on this website. Like I said before, get out the magnifying glass and put it on yourself. YOU are no Christian. God does not know you.

  2. Hello my name is Shakir Ahmad and I would like to respond to this email also. I will first say that you have a lot to say about this Doctor and you have a right to your opinion. However, my comments are not to harm you but to simply show you the trurh about my savior Jesus. Yes I once was a muslim myself and no I was not ignorant to what was written in it. I believe that the bulk of what this Doctor is saying is that Jesus saved,changed and healed his life and since this change occured, He is now a new creation thru Christ. As I read what you stated abour him and about Islam, I must say I disagree with the things you said. 1) I believe that Jesus is the only way to get to heaven. I believe that Christ is our creator. As you read the Bible Old or New testament, The bible prophecies talk about him and his coming. 2) You stated that Islam is about faith doing righteous deeds and you began to continue with telling thru the hadiths about the amounts of righteous deeds or evil deeds a muslim will receive for praying or doing good deeds or if evil then evil deeds and etc…..Are you serious? This is the God you serve? I also remember as a muslim how they would say they dont know if they will go to paradise? Again are you serious? Yes I understand someone can “backslide” and messup and I know your religion teaches on forgiveness, but to not have hope in wear you are going or any direction,that to me seems odd….How can you serve a God and not know where you are going? How can someone have faith in Allah and his teaching and still say” I hope I get to Paradise” That’s like someone planting a tomatoe seed and they water it every day and they say, ” I hope I get a tomatoe”? But Jesus says, If you belive in me, you will have eternal life…not because of our deeds, but beacuse we belive in him and we follow him. Myself as a sinner, I do not deserve to go to Heaven..No one does.No one’s deeds can bring them to heaven..Noamount of pray can bring you to Heaven.The fact that you Get “reward points” for praying 5 times a day even with good intentions seems odd. But Jesus we are saved by grace not by works lest any man should boast.. again this is not to say your boasting but simply faith alone in christ is the only option and the only way that we can receive eternal life. Again I belive that Jesus died for our sins…All have sinned and have fallen short of the glory of God…I can live my life on my own discipline. However, it is the Holy Spirit who strenghtens me and keeps me on the straight and narrow. You spoke about false promises….really? The Holy Spirit is the seal of the promise that not because of any good that we have done but because of our faith in Jesus that eternal life is imparted to us. So many people think that as christians we can just believe and continually sin? As the Bible says Certainly Not! We are not to take our salvation as a get out of jail free card. The whole message that I believe is this: That God him self came down and manifested himself in the form of a man, fully God and fully human..He wants a relationship with us and to restore us back to what we were prior to the Sin of Adam and Eve. God loves us some much that he was willing to sacrifice his Only Son so that the whole world may live thru him. Jesus died on the Cross.He also resurrected from the dead. He has ascended and is at the right hand of the Father forever interceding for us. Have you ever witnessed the Power of the Holy Spirit work in Someone? He is real and he desires to work in all of us. He Heals,restores,teaches,gives power,delivers,protects us and loves us. I can testify Since I have become born of God that my life has completey changed. Its not about having nice things etc.. but my relationship with God (though not perfect) is so evident that I never received anything like this in Islam. God wants to live in your Heart….Your Body is the temple of the living God.. ANd by the way we didn’t even talk about Bible Prophecy? The prophecies that have been fulfilled and are continually being fulfilled are even more evident that Jesus isLord and Savior and He is Coming… I see you read the Bible..please read the different prophecies of Jesus and of his 2nd Coming and How this world will one day soon be no more….But before you do..Look at the signs of the times…Look at the lawlessness that is going around.Look at the earthquakes and different weather condions we are having.As Jesus said this just the beginning…. Read about Noah and how the people were reacting and acting before the flood and contrast to today. Read about Sodom and Gomorrah and the sinful ways of the people and look at what God did and compare it to today….I believe the whole Bible and every verse from beginning to end..Before you pic a part the bible make sure you receive understanding from in. Before you take something from the Old make sure you also Read from the New…Lastly..As a brother In Christ I extend my love to you, May God bless you and I pray that the Lord will show you the truth about Jesus and you will also make him your Lord and Savior.

  3. Hi Happy R:

    I wanted to thank you for your input and insight. I am a christian but I am a firm believer in facts and not comfort. I believe in not being biase but OBJECTIVE. I would like to say before I continue that Jesus can and will use any situation or person to bring one to salvation through Christ, this does not mean his doctrine is correct. I am sad to say many pastors do not have proper schooling in hebrew, greek, and theology so are more prone at being preys to such predators. I believe the apostle Paul clearly states that we need to judge and discern. I do not mean by emotions. I do not mean by harmonizing scriptures according to your truth, many false teachers have proven to do so. Jesus Christ has given me a brain. He does not mean for me to check it at the door when I enter church. Nassir Siddiki testifies to having raised his brother from the grave after he was declared dead. I know there are alot of Muslims in London where this took place. Is there any way you can help me further investigate for medical records in London that prove such miracle took place? I have been surfing online but no results as of yet. I would greatly appreciate any insight you can provide. Once again, thank you and

    Kindest Regards,

  4. Hi Shakir Ahmad:

    I just wanted to say how happy I am for you. Im excited and delighted that you are my brother in Christ. I was compelled to cry as I read how passionately you spoke about Christ Jesus. How long has it been since you’ve come to the Lord? How did you come to the Lord? I would really like to stay in contact with you. Please receive our most affectionate hugs from your brother and sister in Christ.

    Martin and Carmen

  5. Nasir Siddiki is NOT from London, England but London, Ontario Canada. Hence his accent should be north american.

  6. I believe all about Nassir…………………………………………………….He is doing wonderful for Jesus Christ.I know God in heaven looks down at Nassir and says, “there goes my son”. Hallelujah.

  7. Dear Farhan,

    I was utterly disgusted with Dr Sidikki’s story as it sounds like another commercial for Christianity. Those boils didn’t look real. See how they are situated where it doesn’t deface him? We need medical records and his doctors’ statements as proof. I am Catholic. In my Faith, a lot of miracles happen — in Lourdes and other holy places. And each time a saint is canonised we need a miracle. This is authenticated by doctors who are usually non-believers.

    So glad to get your well-studied report. God bless you.

  8. I was researching this testimony and found your blog. Just to clarify – Dr. Nasir Siddiki speaks with a north american accent as he is Canadian. He was born and raised in London, Ontario Canada, not the UK. Check out his wikipedia page.

  9. Abt 2000 yrs ago there sprouts a religion, abt 500 yrs later comes another one. Each trying to outdo each other in terms of benefits offred by their respective religion. Of course they fought and even waged wars in the name of their religions too..

    People fight as usual when people try to prove whose mightier. Not one mighty figure described by these religions ever appeared to the public, or can be seen by any sane man, nor has it stopped any small or major world wars, has not healed plague ridden nations, nor provided food for the famine stricken…instead it provided for individuals who asked for more money, career, pleasures in life or whatever they think fit to put it in his invisible lord’s name.

    Welcome to the internet, where every religious text are found, u can search anything abt that religion. You can scrutinised the content, u can make word search. Its all in the internet and so are it’s contradictions, cruelty, and absurdities.

    Don’t u love internet and the computer, where u can compile everything in a page and scrutinise them in one click.

  10. To my dear Muslim friends …. Let me clarify one thing and the most important thing.. doing good deeds like helping the poor, feeding the hungry, charity activities, praying 5 times a day will not be counted on judgement day…Let me give you a small the Old Testament of the Holy Bible, there was a person called Job and God has certified him as”the most Righteous and faithful person on earth” in those times and he was a very very wealthy person with lots of servants, animals and had 10 children. He used to pray and was careful not to do anything evil. But one day God asked Satan if he noticed Job and saw how faithful and righteous he was.

    We must understand that God is the creator and he is Mighty. Even Satan cannot know Gods ways. If Satan had the knowledge of God, Jesus would not die for our sins.

    Ok back to Job, Satan did respond by saying that God had given him all comfort in life like a big family and all wealth. So it is not difficult to be faithful to God under these circumstances. But God replied to Satan: ” You can take all he owns: his family and his wealth but not to touch Job. Immediately in few moments Job lost everything he had in life, his children, cattle ; house, etc were all destroyed. Job was shattered but still continued his faith in God by saying ” God has given and God has taken back” – This statement by Job was the start of his frustrations of losing everything in life.
    Imagine your father gifts you a precious present, will he ever take it back?
    or for instance I gift a laptop to my son and later on if I notice he goes to unwanted websites i will take it back from him. But my son doesnt realise this and finally says “my father gave and he took it back”.

    In the same way do the Muslims actually realise how much they sin? they keep saying we pray 5 times a day, we give to charity especially in the month of ramadan. We fast for the whole day. God does not need your fasting or prayers. He wants you to be humble, live life that is pleasing to others, even in distress or any pain continue to have faith and not question Gods actions.

    One more point on Ramadan, fasting is not sleeping the whole day and waiting to hog at sunset. Fasting in christianity means to spend more time with God while not eating.

    Always remember your well being is not symptoms of your belief for your time on earth is only to realise how wonderful your Creator is and how to walk the ways of Jesus because He is the ONLY WAY to Heaven.

  11. This is very interesting. I have to be honest, I feel like you’ve completely over looked what is really important. What’s important is the healing power of Jesus, not all the verbiage about who is right and who is wrong. In fact, that is the problem with religion. No depth of spirit is yielded to the supernatural healing powers of Jesus, but rather a fight takes place in the heart about how to properly follow “laws” so that grace can be earned. When Christ hung on that tree salvation went out to all those who accepted Him as the Lord. In this short life on earth, there is nothing to lose believing in Christ. I’m not talking about following religious mandates that will never save your soul. I’m talking about relationship with the living God, the one that hung on a tree as a curse so that we could live in freedom. It’s about relationship NOT religion. You’ll always fall short when trying to live up to a religious doctrine made up of laws. We are human, bound to mess up, hence the grace filled message shed on us the day Christ was resurrected! I want to emphasize this again- it’s about RELATIONSHIP not RELIGION. Ask Jesus to come into your life. You’ll see what Jesus has sent for you.

  12. George says: Hello Dr. R Dear Friend, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God. Whoever does not love does not know God , because God is love ( 1 John 4 : 7-8 God’s children can be identified by their love for the Father and for one another. The original Greek word for sincere , as used in Romans 12 : 9 , is the opposite of the word hypocrisy. And the word hyprocrisy refers to an actor wearing a mask . Sincere love is love without a mask. True love always puts the other person first , so that our own interests come second. We are not capable of such love of our own accord , because this is the kind of love with which God loves us . God is love , and it is only He who can teach us to see others as He sees them : to see past their failings and disabilities and to love them in spite of everything. Ask God to help you to love Dr. Nasir Siddiki.

  13. Gud day doctor. I am ery imreseed with ur analysis of Dr. Siddiki’s story and l want to submit that if Dr. Siddiki’s story is”one of those story” il think it won’t be long that the truth will be revealed. Jesus Christ in His parable of the ‘wheat and tares, said that they should allow the two to grow together until the harvest day when the wheat shall be separated from the tares. So also let Dr. Siddiki live if truly his conversion and ministry is genuine b4 long we will know. Remember that nothing is too diffficult for God to do. He can do beyond your imagination and what you ask for. I believe that there is nothing God cnnot do. The worst thing that can ever happen to man is death; and He raised up the dead.

  14. May the Almighty one true GOD be pleased,The truth will always prevail.The Quran is a message for the entire humanity.

  15. a muslim with an open mind and an honest approach…….. now that is unusual to say the least!

  16. Well like always , it boils down to the most probably honest and yet absurdly erroneous scribes / human editors of the Bible that grow to this day.
    If only they had, somehow ,included that phrase emanating from jesus’s mouth : ‘I’m your God’ and ‘Worship me’ ,that we wouldn’t NEED such spook tales a.k.a miracles! Now that would be a real miracle.

  17. The Quran (direct speech of God) and Hadith (sayings of the final Prophet peace be upon him) says that Jesus was indeed gifted with miracles.
    His miraculous birth ,the way he healed born blind and lepers and bought the dead to life from the permission of God .His followers and companions are described as being Muslims.The Jews turned against him but He survived them all as God lifted him from earth to heavenly cosmos and thus saved him & replaced him with a look alike dead man so the traitors were deceived.
    It is only fitting that HE returns to this world once again .

    When he comes,Muslims believe he will not be a Prophet but a follower of the message of final Prophet [peace be upon him] whom he had prophesied about and will destroy all lies that was spread about him ,bringing back all worshippers to the true religion. The Dajjal or anti-christ will be killed by his sword .Anyone on this earth who lives to witness this tremendous day will have no difficulty in accepting the true religion.

    After years of prevailing peace and blessings,the people will again turn ungrateful.Soon after,the Great Trumpet will be blown and everything will perish marking the onslaught of the Judgement Day.
    Another Trumpet will be blown and every human from Adam till his last offspring will come back to life to live until eternity. The Great Judgment of God begins,deeds and intentions will be weighed . Here again, God will call Jesus to clear his mission on earth :

    ‘And remember when Allah will say (on the Day of Resurrection): “O Jesus, son of Mary! Did you say unto men: ‘Worship me and my mother as two gods besides Allah?'” He will say: “Glory be to You! It was not for me to say what I had no right to say. Had I said such a thing, You would surely have known it. You know what is in my inner self though I do not know what is in Yours, truly, You, only You, are the All Knower of all that is hidden and unseen. Never did I say to them aught except what You (Allah) did command me to say: ‘Worship Allah, my Lord and your Lord’, And I was a witness over them while I dwelt amongst them, but when You took me up, You were the Watcher over them, and You are a Witness to all things. (This is a great admonition and warning to the Christians of the whole world). If you punish them, they are Your slaves, and if You forgive them, Verily You, only You are the All Mighty, the All Wise.” ‘

    Allah will say: “This is a Day on which the truthful will profit from their truth: theirs are Gardens under which rivers flow (in Paradise) – they shall abide therein forever. Allah is pleased with them and they with Him. That is the great success (Paradise). To Allah belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth and all that is therein, and He is Able to do all things.”

    (Ch 5:116-120 Quran)

  18. Assalamualaikum wbt brothers..Now here’s an interesting link when I googled Nasir Siddiki..It’s another Christian’s view on the the Wisdom Ministries..

    Seems that the Dr. is out to make a quick buck perhaps?

  19. Allah (or the Muslims God) often asked humans to use their commen sense when judging something. It will be good if his story is being checked and verified. More often than not we have conmen claiming to be the Man of God and using religion to milk gullible humans like us. His decision to convert is his own personal choice, but if a man condemn another religion for his own material needs, he is no difference than those ruthless Taliban or Al Qaeda. I would urge those who could check this guy’s claim of miracles to really look into his story. I condemn conmen, regardless of their belief.

  20. To Mr Shakir Ahmed – let me clarify some points about Islamic belief that you have clearly misunderstood. Just like you, I am not posting this to cause any ill feeling but merely to rectify and explain some of your comments and questions. Your first point that strikes me is the over-simplified analogy of a tomato. You say you do not understand why we ‘hope’ we will enter Paradise, despite believing in God and his messengers. You clearly never had any understanding of our ‘Aqeeda’ or doctrine. Importantly, it is the state you DIE in which determines your fate. Otherwise, a person who once had faith (may be for years, months, or even minutes) could go on to commit atrocities and die without faith and according to you he would enter Paradise. You never answered your own question ‘can Christians believe and continually sin? Essentially you are saying yes they can, thereby nullifying the entire premise of the Day of Reckoning. If what you believe is true then no reckoning will actually take place because by default all Christians (despite a life’s worth of deeds, good and bad) will enter Paradise. We Muslims know we cannot take anything for granted because how can we truly know for sure the state in which we die? To claim to be guaranteed paradise is to claim to share His divine wisdom, which is one of the greatest sins anyone can commit.

    You then talk about God’s love as if the God we pray to is one of anger and punishment. But why do we pray 5 times a day? We pray as a consequence of our belief in Him and our acceptance of His command. How can there be truth faith without actions to follow? You also state your belief that God wants to restore us to what we were prior to ‘original sin’. This means you think Adam, by sinning, went against the will of God. But how can anything go against the will of the One who created us and created everything we know. The holes in your doctrine are not to be found in mine, as it says in the Qur’an “Behold, thy Lord said to the angels ‘I will create a vicegerent on Earth'”. So before Adam was even created, God Almighty knew he would sin and go on to live on Earth. In our doctrine, nothing whatsoever can alter the will of God, and noone whatsoever can can claim to know the will of God, so how can we know where our souls will go when we die?

    I agree with you that none truly deserves to go to Heaven through their actions alone, because how can even one lifetime’s worth of earnest worship warrant a neverending eternity of Paradise? It is through God’s love that even the most righteous person is awarded Paradise.

  21. Hi.

    I am an atheist and from what I have read it sounds like you have done a lot of study on dr. Sidikki. However i have found nothing in your writings that actually discredits his testimony in which he was miraculously cured of his afflictions. Just because he does not practice prayers totally correct or gets some facts wrong are actually minor side issues that are not important to the larger picture. Seriously, if his story about his miraculous cure is true, whether he prayed correctly or whether he should have been praying to mohamed or not is inconsequential….

  22. A word here. The london referred here is in Canada itself.

  23. I am a Christian looking up Nasir Siddiki and his testimonial, and I want to thank you for posting this. Indeed I found Dr. Siddiki’s ministry quite dodgy even as I watched the videos. This uneasiness is strengthened after reading your analysis of his testimonial from a Muslim point of view. I really respect that you know your faith well and are defending it against phonies like Dr Siddiki. I’ll be avoiding his witness and teaching from here on.

    Wish I could address some of the questions you asked towards the end of your analysis, but I am a young Christian and I don’t know the answers yet; I still search. And the answers I could give you are very difficult to articulate in this limited comment space.

    However, I would like to offer an apology for those Christians who have been insensitive in their comments to this post, as well as those who have not done their homework in trying to understand the Muslim point of view FIRST before commenting. Do know that they, as well as prosperity preachers like Dr. Siddiki, do not represent the entire Christian community.

    God bless, my friend.

  24. I’m a muslim and I amuse reading/watching 2 religions is more like showing off or fighting, please don’t think me wrong since I love Allah swt and Prophet but what I want to say is that you guys just should deeply check that Dr’s stories and examine it carefully… this days.. lot of people using religions just to gain fame or wealth…well, you guys may think I’m more to siding to Islam but I’m just saying what I understand…
    What Farhan said is more than enough. I’m quite knowledgeable about the Islam and what Farhan said is true…
    Heck… at my country, there’s too many people using religions as an easy way to gain fame and wealth e.g A person said he is muslim but also a new prophet(although he gain many followers after that…).
    Well,what I want to point is that go check his testimoni or whatever and investigate more further. By this, you can see if he just using religions as tool/easy way to gain fame and wealth (He already famous and wealthy :P).

    And I’d like to say to others… please don’t angry at other people about this stuff. when you do, its makes your religion looks bad even though you only defending it… if you have doubts, go check that Dr like I said…

  25. pronunciations and intonations r nt a way 2 judge if a person is a tru follower of a religion. The Holy Bible says: john 14:6 ”I(Jesus) am the way the truth and the life, no 1 cometh 2 the father except through me”. Dat is 2 say without exception that there is no way to God except 2ru Jesus christ. ” those who believe on Him gave them He right 2 become d sons of God even as many that believe on his name’ john 1:10-11. How can he give human beings the right of sonship if He were just a prophet as muslims claims. Only a son can be allowed by His father apart frm the father Himself to make other people sons of His. Believe it or nt cos evry1 is nt supposed 2 believe in d 1st place bt if U do U do Urself well. God bless U and Jesus loves U.

  26. WHETHER Dr siddiki is a healer or a money raker or a true man of God at least he is answerable to his creator on the day of judgment, NO ONE CAN CHANGE THE WORD OF GOD, i believe in one Allah and Muhammad(SAW) his messenger, if you don’t believe keep quiet insha Allah we shall all witness a day where we will be answerable to our creator.

  27. GD, Ole Fwank, Siddiki’s verbal statement: “I was brought up in London, ENGLAND” (00:04)

  28. Kay Jen, you said you are a christian. A young christian indeed. No worries about the comments you have for now.

    However, just a gentle reminder, do you know why most Christians believe in Christ Jesus so strongly? because each of us has experienced his love. we can truly experience the power of holy spirit. be it in study, work, healing, relationships etc.. too much to list. Therefore, when we testify about our god, we are trying to show the world why is Christianity so real so that more people gets saved.

    There is only one reason why will any Christian ever bother to waste their time and effort to spread the word of god and invite insults from others. And that reason is because of god’s love. God loves us and want us to receive salvation. He told us to spread the word of god so whoever believes in him shall be saved.

    I have read through the comments, and i don’t think that they are insensitive at all. Have you ever wondered why this post exist? It is because the author felt threatened about their religion.

    As a christian, you do not understand your god well. So why do you think that Dr is lying? Is he not healed? Dr was a Muslim just like you are a christian. However does that mean that when you do not know your god well, you are not considered a believer of your religion? You did say you are christian.

    I hope you understand that this post that you are reading now has not ONCE mentioned how Jesus did not heal Dr.

    Just a side note, knowing his faith well does not imply that Dr is a phony. There is no linkage between this two arguments. All i can conclude is that you do not know your faith well and just a simple comment that you had posted could affect many young Christians’ faith.

    The way to find the truth is not by putting down others my dear friend. If you are indeed searching for the answer, i strongly encourage you to put down your prejudice and experience the true and living god.

    May the lord forgive and bless you.

  29. Dear Kirene, thank you for your reminder and I will consider carefully what you have said. I would like to offer a defence of my own comments here and hope you will try to see things from my point of view.

    Firstly, whether or not I believe in what the Dr has to say has nothing to do with my own faith in God. Please do not call that into question; I do believe that my God is one who is love, a healer, a savior, most gracious and merciful. and I may not know so much now, but I do strive to know Him better.

    That doesn’t necessarily mean I believe anything anyone who claims to represent Him and serve Him. I must be responsible in what I hear and not simply swallow it; I look at Dr Siddiki’s personal philosophy, his ministry, his mission statement. I look at the objective (I stress, objective) evidence. I also look at his testimony from different points of view, such as the one posted here on this blog. All this is very important to me when hearing such an influential man speak. Examine all things carefully.

    Secondly, if you do not think some of these comments are insensitive, then I suggest you try turning the tables around and consider how you would react if the situation were reversed: If this were a post on a man claiming to have converted to Islam from Christianity. Reverse all the comments as well. I come from a multi-religious society where comments are taken very seriously. We always try to see things from the others’ point of view first, then we speak.

    Yes, to us Christians, Jesus is the way and the light. (I am not calling this into question.) But to Muslims, the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad is the way to go. So what do we do? We argue our way into making them believe as we do? We shove our perspective down everyone else’s throats until they see the light?

    No my friend, when Christians testify, it should not be just through our words. The power of speech is a blessing, but should not be overglorified. Firstly our LIVES should be a testimony to our God: the way we behave and think and treat others, including Muslims. Then men may see and glorify Him.

    A Christian leader I respect very much once said, “Evangelize always…use words if necessary.”

    Perhaps it is not me who needs to put away my prejudices, and stop putting down others.

    I do however apologize if I have affected any young Christians’ faith with my comments. I never intended to stumble anybody of any religion, especially my own, and maybe if you want to take this discussion off the public wall you could drop me an e-mail :)

    Thanks again for your reply, i still learn and honestly appreciate it!

  30. I would like to speak up about comments regarding London. He clearly said, “Even though we were living in England.” 00:21 -00:23.

  31. Dude!

    I dont know what this Dr.’s motives are or if he is honest or what ever. But from you post it is clear about your motives.

    you are a strong muslim believer. you are pissed that this man turned to Jesus. I have seen how your mullahs brain wash young children as young as 5 years old. you too are one of those brain washed people where you have been taught that muslims are supreme beings and all the others are infidels and must either be killed or converted to islam.

    do you have the courage to think outside what has been recorded into your brain? do you have the courage to think for yourself?

    Irrespective of religion, first learn to “Love your neighbour as your self” and next ” do no bear false witness” , ” do not slander”. First be a good human being. Show love to all of God’s creation and not just people from your own religion. Then you will find favour in God’s eyes.

  32. I would like to please point out a mistake of what you have said

    Why not read about what Jesus Christ said in the Old Testament, such as:

    If, however, the charge is true and no proof of the girl’s virginity can be found [during her wedding night], she shall be brought to the door of her father’s house and there the men of her town shall stone her to death. She has done a disgraceful thing in Israel by being promiscuous while still in her father’s house. You must purge the evil from among you.” (Deuteronomy 22:20-21)

    Please note that Old testament is not Jesus’s teachings. Old Testament was before Jesus was born.. The new testament starts with Jesus’s birth and goes on about his life and teachings. Please could you correct your post and avoid such mis-conceptions. The old testament has been written by different scholars/ prophets but NOT JESUS! Jesus was a wholly compassionate soul who believed in forgiveness, healing and mercy. He would never ever say the above verses. In fact he even forgave and blessed a prostitute.. That speaks volumes about how big his heart is.. Thank you

  33. The guy is an ex-muslim, not an ex-imam…

  34. Alright….Stop this nonsense… It only makes both religions looks bad… Whether he lying or not, its yours or our god to decide…
    And also…. stop with your religion aren’t true or such… try understand both Christian or Islam than fighting each other for which religion is right or which wrong… if you want spread your religion teachings(both religions)… just don’t do it in kinda rough way.. do it more gentle way and surely you can attract people to join your religions…
    and I just saying that just being friendly or respect to all religions and I MEAN all religions and that shows that your religion is good or caring than showing your religion is bad or sark (yes, I mean both of religions here)
    to all christians and muslims, try go understand MORE deeply about your religion than acting like you know your religion THAT good like what Dr Nasir doing (I’m not insulting him, I’m just saying he does what Islam forbidden to do)
    Have a nice day to both Christians and Muslims! =3

  35. Dear Farhan R.,

    I for one am deeply grateful for this meticulous essay of yours. I am Catholic by baptism, not that that should matter in this context as much as an open, objective, logical mind.

    I understand–or at least am of the impression–that your purpose here was not to “bash” any particular person or religion (as Siddiki implicitly does) but to examine the appearances to see if there might lie something else entirely, something very dangerous and most unChristian (or un-any religion) behind them.

    I am deeply, if not conventionally, Christian and because of that, I pray for peace in people’s hearts. And that’s why I am grateful for what you’ve written.

    Those who have eyes, let them see!
    Those who have ears, let them hear.

  36. Hi Fahran
    I enjoyed reading this article, as it opened my eyes to the Islam religion. I have never known much about it. I am a Christian, and I am very dedicated to my Lord and my saviour. I would love to discuss certain things with you – my husband works with a few Muslims, and I have to say I admire the dedication Muslims have to their faith. It’s a shame many Christians don’t have the same. I am not a mainstream Christian. I don’t believe we can ‘do what we want’ and such… but anyway, if possible would you be able to email me to discuss some things? I am very interested in what you have to say and will not put your religion down. I am just eager to know more.

  37. Well, I have gone through wntire this article, felt very sad about analysing about the Christiannity and the Faith of Dr. Nasir Siddiki. HE IS THE MIGHTY MAN OF GOD, Choosen by GOD (Yashua Messiah)the almighty, the creator of heavens and earth. He is the gift of this present world. Yous minds are blocked with darkness of the world, and unable to find the truth. It does’not required Dr. Siddiki to gain money by convert to Christian, because Whosoever belive in Jesus christ as their savior will enjoy and receive plenty in thier stores, because we are the sons of King of kings and Lord of Lords….I love to remember Dr. Siddiki’s famous quote” Kings dose not Pursue things but Things Pursue Kings, because Kings pursue the Kingdom”….Open your eyes…know the Truth about the Ture salvation, Living in the Enternity. As it is writter” FOr God Send his beloved son in to this world, whosoever beleive in him shall not perish but have everlasting life – John 3:16″

    Note: Dear Friend who (me-chrsitian) wrote to Farhan, go to your Bible, ask God to show u the revelation and take the help of the holy spirit, i wil also pray for you to know the truth, Yes, what ever the Islam teaches and Muslims following all the just formal rituals/religiour acts…but they are working hard to end up their lifes in vain…Belive in the God, and he will helps you to know the truth. God Bless.

    Suggestion: Read the lifes stories of Sis. Gulshan Esther (Fatima)-TORN VEIL/BEYOUND THE VEIL.

  38. bino, I already know the truth. I have for a very long time. I’m a born again Christian and will never depart from Jesus. I have done much study and have seen how much ‘Christians’ twist the Word to suit themselves and how many pagan traditions they adopt as their own… it is because of this that I admire the dedication in the Islam religion, as I have never seen that much dedication in Christianity. This does not mean I will leave my Lord, it does not mean I will become Muslim. If anything I would look at becoming Messianic Jew, but even that isn’t exactly what I’m looking for. I just do not agree with Christians thinking they can celebrate christmas and easter when they’re clearly pagan in origin, I do not agree that people should worship on a day that man changed when God did not change the Sabbath, and then man twists the Word to show that it’s all good. And I like to find out about other religions because they interest me. There is nothing wrong with that. Better than being ignorant towards it and attacking it with no proper knowledge. I’m not an ignorant person. I don’t need you to pray for me because you don’t know my heart. God does. Let Him judge me. Thanks.

  39. To the author,
    You say you love the dedication of the Muslims, or practitioners of the Islam religion because you haven’t seen that in the christian lifestyle. my question is if you really believe that, and you are a “born again” Christian, shouldn’t you have that same dedication to our Lord and Savior, because as a “born again” Christian we know the way, truth, and life which is only found in JESUS CHRIST!!!!! YOu are living for Jesus and each person is in a race for themselves! Not worried about the things of this evil world, but focused on the prize and that is JESUS CHRIST!!!
    I am not trying to judge you, but please do not be a hypocrite. Do not be LUKEWARM, the worst thing anyone could ever do in life is die confused and end up in hell. Chose today which side you will stand on! the end is near:)
    I pray for all of you and for this nation, for those who doubt this man of God, yes there are horrible Christians but again being christian is not just saying you are christian, it is a lifestyle.. Jesus MUST live in You!!! So NEVER FOLLOW A MAN ON EARTH!!! FOLLOW JESUS!!!!!!
    God bless you family member. GOD LOVES US ALL, BUT HATES THE SINS!!!

  40. Yes, Exactly, i aggreed with the openion of “Blessed”, we should not follow man but GOD, but we need to receive message/revelation from them through God, yes its real shame on few of them….(who practiced just religious formalities/riots) which is no meaning and useless. Because said….we shall only justified by GRACE alone, not by our OWN Works or fasting/giving the poor etc….these are like just filthy racks to Him..why it is not possible for every one…..we are residing in India in one of the prominent and busy city, yet we use to spend siezable amount of time with GOD (Praying personally/interceding for others/visiting people/counselling and comfort them in Jesus name, praying for healing, speking in tounges, always connected with the God with the help of Holy spirt, attending cell groups-receiving stregth though Fellowship, spreading teh Gospel)…working very hard with the only commision (reaching the Lost Souls to his kIngdom)…. then where we deviate from our desciplene to be united with our God Jesus christ ?????….dear friend (Me…born again christian), come on wake up…open your eyes to the TRUTH tought by Jesus, then that truth will set you FREE…WE DONT KNOW THE HOUR OR THE DAY….BUT WE KNOW THE SEASON……Good luck…God blessed you with Good provisions of Prosperity in all things (Spirt/Health/Wealth….etc)

  41. Wake up? I don’t need to wake up. I don’t follow man. I follow Jesus. I give a small opinion of something and you take it you know everything I think. Get over yourselves and move on. Yes, we are justified by FAITH alone but at the same time our GOOD WORKS SHOW OUR FAITH. Faith is dead without good works. Read the Bible. Fasting is to get closer to God, giving to the poor is something we should do if we are in the position to do so. I have been taught the truth all my life, and unfortunately a lot of rubbish as well. OH and I never said I love the dedication of the Muslims. I said I admire it. what’s wrong with admiration? I admire the way some husbands love their wives – doesn’t mean I want to take those husbands. I have my own. I also have my own faith and don’t want to take on anyone else’s. Ok? Good.

  42. @me: just ignore them than respond to them… ==
    better than arguing this… arent it better if you guys focus praying or etc on your God than argue about this? I’m starting to have bad thought about Christian… I have lot of Christian friends although I’m a muslim but I never saw them argue each other about religion like this much…. >_>

  43. Hi friend, its not arguing, make it understand….however, got impressed with (me) response.
    God bless you too….

  44. Simply put, it is through love and love alone that we do God’s will and find his grace irrespective of our religion (as long as it is one of the religions that worship God). There may be many ways to worship God, find his favour, do his will, do his bidding and to reach heaven but hate and aggression will never be among them. Only through love and all actions that flow from love are we permitted into heaven and do we do God’s will (patience, kindness, compassion, friendship, selflessness).

    We are taught that Jesus arrived 2011 years ago to save mankind through his example and teachings. We are taught through Muhammad to find the grace of God and to put God first. If the God we all worship is the same then the error is in the method of worship not in the God that is worshipped.

    Mankind, irrespective of the religion, has bent religion over the centuries to justify atrocities and his greed for more and more power and control. We use it as a tool to bend and control others. We are either working for God or for the Devil. There is no middle ground. No neutral position where we do not work for either. So if anything we do for God and in his name is not done in love, compassion, understanding, friendship and kindness, then it is done in the name of the Devil and for the Devil’s will, even if we, imperfect and selfish mankind, claim it is for God or God’s will.

    So from the above we get the following. All religions that worship God can worship him correctly and all religions that worship God can end up doing the will of the Devil. Remove your criticisms, hate, envy, judgement, intent to harm and scorn and replace them with compassion, kindness, understanding, patience and love and you are back with God. Keep your criticisms, hate, envy, judgement, intent to harm and scorn and whether you are Muslim, Jewish, Christian or Catholic you are working for the Devil, no matter how hard you scream that it is God’s will.

  45. I couldn’t sleep and happened on this blog. It took a great deal of courage to research and write this.

    I don’t believe Dr. Siddiki is a pastor. Wisdom Ministries in Tulsa, OK doesn’t meet on Sundays, nore does it have a congregation. It only has one group of weekend meetings a month, possibly due to his heavy travel schedule.

    I have the TV on the NatGeo channel in the background and they are talking about the same things–even scholars are still trying to answer these questions. I believe in Jesus. I believe He was prophesied in the OT and revealed in the NT. I believe He died for me and rose again. I believe our only enemy is the devil and our only battle is one of relationship. Faith is the cultivated relationship that gives birth to my/our path/assignment–even the written Word must lead to a personal relationship; and the written Word must remain ever present to confirm the Truth.

    I am glad–honored to have read everything written here. This seems to be a quest for God our Saviour–not confirmation of Dr. Siddiki; and while the doctor may or may not hold up to scrutiny; Jesus always will. I believe in miracles, but some of the most wonderful ‘miracles’ I’ve seen were the faithful people I’ve met over time who walk with God on a daily basis and never seem to need a ‘miracle’ because of His loving relationship with them. I believe Jesus is coming again very soon. God bless you all–I’ve learned allot. I believe He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.

  46. What does Toronto General Hospital says? Was the doctor a patient there?

  47. Grammar correction – should read ‘say’ – pardon!

  48. I have always respected the right to practice whatever religion you choose.

    I am secular and my background is my maternal greatgrandparents were German Jews who came to the U.S. and converted to Catholicism and my father was from a Baptist background but also secular.

    I agree with your post about Nasir Sidikki.

    He is an Oral Roberts prosperity gospel protege and TBN superstar.

    I’ve always been very critical of TBN (Trinity Broadcast Network) because of the ministers they broadcast on their network, base their sermons on the sow a seed and get a harvest which is nothing but an elaborate con job.

    The elderly most often are victims of this con.

    He is known for this type of preaching and he has made much money off of it which may have prompted his so called conversion.

    If you watch his show, count how many times he uses the words sow, seed and harvest in 30 minutes.

    His picture of himself with the shingles and boils appears, at least to me, to not look authentic.

    I think the man like the other prosperity gospel star preachers on TBN is a fraud just like the network is.

  49. I know Dr. Siddiki personally and have many friends that knew him before he went to Bible School so they have been witnesses to a lot of his testimony (though not of his conversion).

    He did grow up in London, UK, but he moved to Canada (I believe) in his early adult years if not late teens or a bit before. But even in the short time he’s spent living in the US, his friends in Canada noticed he’s picked up the Tulsa accent pretty heavily. I share that because it would easily have affected his pronouciation of words that he haven’t been using often.

    I have really only skimmed through the arguments as I was more interested in the comments afterwards and I stopped being interested after the initial “majoring on minor” arguments.

    Yes, he was raised a Muslim and his father was devout. But I don’t think he considered himself as being very devout. When he cried out to God, it was a cry of despair because he was reaching out to ANY God that could hear him.

    I agree with most of the comments that say you can judge a tree by its fruits. I agree with a lot of what Dr.Siddiki preaches, but I do not agree with everything. That does not mean he’s right or wrong, but that I don’t have revelation about it. Some, I believe he’s sharing his OPINIONS rather that stating a fact.

    While he HAS become financially successful since he’s started his ministry, what most people do not see is that he paid a heavy price on the road to his ministry. Since my friends knew him personally before, they knew that he had lost everything after his conversion as his family disowned him like good Muslims did. When he went to Bible school, it was by faith that God would provide as he had left his job, was married, and his wife was also sick during much of his time in school. He was living hand to mouth for much of that time before his ministry got established. Ministers like him have to be accountable to the IRS and he is paid a salary by the ministry (from what I remember in our conversations) rather than receiving the contributions directly himself. It is a SET salary (I don’t know who sets it though) as it is not cheap to be on Television and there are lots of operating expenses. His ministry and he himself is faithful in giving and tithing and he PRACTICES the sowing and reaping message that he preaches. There are also other ministers that he’s accountable to.

    I am not a close friend of his, just friends with close friends of his and I’ve spent some time with him. Therefore, I know bits and pieces of his personal life and his story, but I do not claim to know much or even be correct about specific details like dates and events since it has been 3 years since I last saw him and I was not trying to memorize information. (We were having a lot more fun talking about God at the time.) I do remember that his ancestors include “Saladin” and one of Muhammed’s first successors. :-)

    I admire the price he was willing to pay to come to Jesus as I do understand many Muslims believe turning from Islam is deserving of death and it was hard for him when his family disowned him.

    For my Christian brothers and sisters, remember that preaching never replaces the word of God and that we are told to test every word of prophesy and that the Bereans were considered more noble because they heard Paul’s message and searched diligently in the scriptures to see what he was saying was true. The responsibility is always OURS to seek the truth,

    Also, preachers are humans. They can say the wrong thing and something may come out not as they intended. They can forget and mix up details and misquote things that do not really matter in the grand scheme of their message. Do not throw out the baby with the bath water. Those little mistakes does not make them false teachers.

    For the Muslims reading this, I love you very much and some of my closest friends are devout Muslims. While I know not many does this, I pray that those who read this are not among those that would try to hurt ex Muslims. Treat them as you would hope we would treat converts to Islam. Please live out the love you claim are in your scriptures.

    Likewise, Christian brothers and sisters, remember to love above all else as that’s the true demonstration of who we belong to.

  50. This is quite an extravagant, elaborated and scrutinized attempt to deny the credibility to Nassir’s testimony don’t you think? And if want to talk about sharing opinions you should first take a self examination since Most of your posture against this Man seems to be of your OPINION as well.
    In fact Your ENTIRE POST WREAKS OF DESPERATION. This was extremely opinionated and emotionally undertaken.

  51. I personally never deny that Muslims Or Buddhists or Hindus Or any other religious background for that matter can bring you to a level of Peace and joy and contentment but we as human beings can encourage ourselves a great deal as well. After all we were made by God in his image and likeness. And since we all strive to reach God in some form knowing that he is in fact real, that in itself brings great comfort. But what it really boils down to is Which medium really reaches God. Its not just the number of miracles performed in the name of Jesus but also the type of miraculous events surrounding prayer in his name that convinces people that He is who he Proclaimed to be. And if you study Jesus in the context of who he claims to be it actually makes sense. Healing is directly related to LIFE. Since God is the giver of life then who do you think is the real deal.

  52. Although I’m not much knowledgeable about this man, I know many Muslims whom God has called out of Islam into his marvelous truth in mysterious ways. Once such person is Steven Masood. It is amazing to me that nobody ever shared the gospel with him. And it is also amazing to me that he fearlessly preached the gospel in Pakistan (of all places)…until friends helped him to emigrate after a rape attempt on his wife. On the other hand, i must also caution against false prophets. The ‘prosperity doctrine’ is bad theology and anybody who professes it is suspect. However, there is also the possibility of a genuine Christian holding to wrong doctrine… mostly due to ignorance. All these things need to be evaluated before we pass judgment.I don’t mind criticism from Muslims. They will always have an axe to grind when it comes to faith in Jesus, i.e. until God opens their eyes to see the inadequacy of their own religion and the truth of the fulfillment of all righteousness through the death and resurrection of his Son.

  53. hi guy , someone said that “Qurian is the direct word of God….” he also said “that the desciples of Jesus are muslems”. I just hope he verify with any other source apart from the Quran bcos another person says it was an evil angel or a jihn (to use islamic terms) that brougtht the message to muhamed.and i think that should b the focus of ur defense. Got not much time i will cometo this later.Jesus loves u all.

  54. I strongly believe that an orange tree can never bear a mango fruit (2) right from the foundation of the earth it has never occurred that one will be forced to take that which is good or profitable . how do (lie and truth) operates ? (lies) operate with force, persuasion, crookedness, confusion ,conclusion, no questioning,no answer, do or die with other vices. but the (truth) stands strait, patience, enduring of questions, answerable and so on. think about the life of Jesus when he was on Earth and also the life of Mohammed too … (Mohammed) :- war, conquer, behead, revenge,torture them, no miracle, polygamy, rape, teach them lesson, too concern about insult while Jesus received slaps and say forgive them. kill them and inherit their wives and daughters , defend Mohammed and Allah. while the Christians says God will defend us . (Jesus) peace with all men, forgiveness, help,repentance, healing, miracle, thou shall not kill, reconciliation, revenge is for God . lets all religion remain where they are and follow the teaching and life Mohammed, lets see where it will lead the world to, and let all remain where they are a follow the life and teaching of Jesus lets see what happens .

  55. I have read your concerns,my friend u spent so much time critiscizing Saddik n Judging Him as false..Regardles of whether the story is true or false,there is no other way to Heaven but only Through Jesus Christ and only those who believe in Him will be saved.Christianity is not bout Human wisdom n ur understandin of the Bible,it is only the Holy spirit of God that brings discernment and convicts someone to believe in Jesus.I was born a christian but that didn’t make me a Christian,i still did evil,sexual immorality,gossiped,lied,stole n drunk alcohol..until Jesus came into my life,i repented of my sins n cried before God n my sins were washed, life Changed n ever since i live for the glory of God,.No sinner will go to Heaven,whether ur deeds are more than bad,unless u repent n cry before God to forgive you your sins n have Faith in Jesus.My friend try calling Jesus in your life and He will answer you for He died for the sins of the world n those who believe wil be saved.Jesus taught that even if someone came frm the dead n warned those who are alive,they wouldn’t believe that in Jesus Christ is a gift frm GOD,behold Jesus Christ is coming soon to pick those who have believed,it wuld be just like the days of Noah..don’t be a slave to religion,Jesus Christ has brought freedom to those who believe

  56. Sounds like you may be skeptic of the healing power of God in Jesus Name. I hope you can find it in your heart to believe before Jesus comes back. I also pray you call on Him in the event sickness invades your life as it did Dr. Siddiki. Truth is you will never be able to prove this story or any other supernatural healing is false. .

  57. I totally agree with you, Dr. Nasir Siddiki ministry’s target is wealth and prosperity! There is no doubt that he is seeking his own glory not of the God Almighty! I have a close relationship with my beautiful God thru Jesus Christ and I don’t know what my life would be without him..I have the certainty that he has a place for me in the heavens, I love him with all my heart and wish everybody could experience this beautiful gift..I always pray to the Lord for mercy and countless times for revival for all mankind..No word on the phase of of this earth can describe my gratitude with Jesus for carrying my shame and punishment! With that said I just wanted to answer your question: how come Jesus Christ doesn’t appear to everyone that call on a generic god? The answer is simple God knows our heart more than we think we know ourselves, I’m not talking about Dr. Siddiki. We are all creation of God but not all of us are sons of God. The only way Jesus Christ can answer is thru a repentful heart, not because you are scared of dying because in the Lord it is a gain but you repent and ask Jesus to show you the right way and then and only then and if it is his will, he will reveal you or anyone his forgiveness. Feeling forgivien and chosen by God for his Kingdom is out of this world but again you will never believed it until you experienced it and that certainty can not be acquired by reading all the religious books in the world but through the Holy Spirit amen! Peace be upon you

  58. I suggest that instead of you attacking someone’s character and what Jesus has done for them. It will be far useful for you to use the opportunity to tell the world about what Allah has done for you, if indeed He has done anything, how your life has being transformed and what difference you are making to humanity. Is it not true that those who have nothing beneficial to offer humanity, they are the very ones who are busy attacking others

  59. Salam :) I am really glad I found this article. As a former christian and now muslim this was very enlightening.

  60. Bless u all’!!!

  61. you’re an asshole. do the feds know about this site. planning any more terrorist attacks. any videos of beheadings you want to link


  63. […] Exposed! A Critical Examination of Dr. Nasir Siddiki’s Story « The …Aug 4, 2009… such as the make-up to make Dr. Siddiki’s super-shingles boils and ….. as “ Maliki Yaum id-Din,” meaning “Sovereign of the Day of Judgment. […]

  64. hi i am jennifer,,,i dont want to say any thing about muslim,,,,,,,,,,but in a very big but,,,who ever miss to know about this wonderfull name , jesus ,,,i feel sorry for those brothers and sister,,,,,that name of jesus,,,,,is so blessed that there is no words,,one has to be blessed to hear his name,,,,that wonderfull name,,who is so real,, the bible say we are the partaker of his divine nature,,,darling of heaven,, and hope of the earth,,there are so many in this world who never came acrose this name and passed away,,and there are still many who dosent know this name,,,i remember a pastor who visited a certain place in northern part of india,,,where he asked the people over there about jesus and it so happend that one man came up and said that he is being staying there for past 35 years and he as never seen any one staying in that place in this name,,,,,, that name above every name ,,,, that things on heaven,on earth and below the earth has to bow before that name,,,,,o what a wonder full gift god gave us,,,, there is nothing more precious than this gift,,,,,,,the real christmas gift,,,,,,,it just a week ago as i was watching god tv,,, i happend to hear dr, nasir siddiki’s message,,,,a ,,,message of faith,and grace,,,,,he was showing how grace works in our life,,,and how to release our grace in our life,,,,,,thanks to jesus ffor healing dr, nasir and today using him for his glory,,,,,,,,,

  65. I’ll just summarize ::

    Dr Nasir Siddiki may have born a Muslim – but he’s certainly not brought up as how a Muslim should be brought up.

    The testimonial video sounded like crap because it doesn’t sound authentic to any Muslim

    Come on .. This evangelist videos is suppose to be for Muslim – it’s not convincing to me that he’s ever a Muslim how is that is suppose to get me converted to Christianity? Durgghhh….

    Thank you.

    To all evangelist – sorry, better luck next time.
    I respect Jesus and Mohamad. But I love God, the creator, though I’m a sinner. Why? You can’t deny your Creator!….

  66. Hello thank you for this forum I will repeat what other writers said and make it short. It is hard to know and learn of the love of God thru Jesus Christ and turn back. Mr Siddiki says he prayed to Allah and Allah didn’t hear his cry for healing but when he stepped out and prayed to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in Jesus name the miracle of healing began.
    You cannot dispute hard evidence that this is way to go. Jesus is Lord of all. That is how I believe and stand on it!

  67. I first want to point out that no matter how you believe Muslim or Christian it is about your walk with god. God is whats important here! Mr Siddiki seems a very earnest and good man. Having said that this blog seems like a tirade against Mr. Siddiki, the bible says and I quote “you shall know them by their works.” I do not hear Mr. Siddiki condemning Muslims for their beliefs he only ever has said what he was taught as a Muslim and what he now believes. I have had some experiences in my life that absolutely make me believe Mr. Siddiki had a genuine experience. You see as a child I attended an Evangelical Christian Church. The hell-fire and damnation type, I grew up running away from Christ and Christianity. I spent hours as a child of christian parents listening to the fear of God from the pastor not about gods love but that he was to be feared. One thing it taught me well was what to look for in a person spinning a story. That is what that minister taught me. He was a do as I say not as I do minister. Your condemnation of Mr Siddiki makes me believe that you fear his experience. When you are raised in one faith any notion that half your life spent believing one way might be wrong can create an atmosphere of fear. i had only ever experienced fear as a child. It took god years and hundreds of miles from home to show me that it’s not about what others do or do not believe it’s about what I believe. Listening to you I hear fear. If you want to know whether Mr. Siddiki is genuine or not ask God to show himself to you. The Muslim and Christian faiths are riddle with a rich history of atrocities committed in his name ( we are all fallen short of the glory of god). All the Christians i know are not out bashing Muslims, but each faith has its radicals doesn’t it? I will point out that Christians in America have a problem with a faith that allows its radicals to fly planes into buildings in the name of its prophets and of god. I don’t see Christians doing that in Muslim countries do you? That doesn’t make all Muslims bad. God says “Judge not lest ye be judged” sounds like you need to read the christian bible before you spout what sounds like indoctrinated hate and fear. “study to show thyself approved” that’s another quote from the bible, look it up along with a few other subjects like Jesus, and as for the comments about Jews here’s a bit of insight please correct me if the teacher’s in religious studies got it wrong wasn’t Mohammed the prophet the child of Ishmael? That makes me believe that the hatred espoused by the Muslim religious radicals is based on sibling rivalry and bitterness, but then the christian bible said that Ishmael and his descendants would be a thorn in the side of his brother. That’s not because Isaac did anything wrong but because Abraham didn’t listen. It seems to me that anyone who shows Islam in a negative light becomes a target of ridicule and hate. I don’t agree with the radicals in any religion forcing someone to believe the way you do doesn’t not make them loving converts but fear-filled captives. I tell my foreign friends that the greatest thing about America is that you can come here say what you want, buy a building or a piece of land, call it a mosque, temple or church and practice your faith in the manner to which you are accustomed without fear. I personally know some good Muslim people, I don’t hate them , i talk and sit with them often they are wonderful human beings but, They sound nothing like you.

  68. I’m unfamiliar with all the tenants of Islam, however I can speak as a Christian and say this man is a charlatan. I’ve listened to him speak on three occasions, mostly out of amazement at how anyone buys this false prosperity gospel. Jesus was not materialistic, so why then should we be guilted into giving tithes (which are unchristian) and then seed so that God will bless us 100 fold? If I give $1000 and wish for a home by naming the seed, it’s going to sprout? No where in the New Testament is anything even remotely close to this mentioned. His degree mill, his bragging about and desiring more wealth and cast of fellow thieves (Creflo Dollar for instance) are signs this man should be watched and people warned that a wolf has climbed into the pasture and is stocking the sheep.

  69. You sure don’t have much faith in the power of Jesus to save a sinner do you brother? Look what happened to Saul of Tarsus. May He do the same to you.

  70. This is great. Thank you for doing us a great service that we all can not do :)

  71. It is quite apparant that Nasir was a non practicing Muslim agnostic.

    The whole point of the testimonial was to point out who the true God is, that Jesus heals and still saves sinners.
    He and his brother were both on their way to Hell. 2000 years later the Gospel is still the same. You must be born again in order to be saved.
    Put your faith and trust in Jesus Christ alone for your eternal salvation. There is no other name under Heaven by which man can be saved.

  72. Do not seek revenge or bear a grudge against anyone among your people, but love your neighbor as yourself. (Leviticus 19:18)

  73. Your ideas of what constitutes “contradictions” and “evidence” are so petty, that its clear your “examination” was designed to reach the conclusions you ended up with. Seriously, your case against him is far from compelling.

  74. One thing I don’t understand. May be the story of the healing of Dr Siddick is true and that Hazrat Issa did appear to him. After all he is an apostle of Allah and is known to have cured lepers. It was a sign for him to believe even more in Allah. But unfortunately, his test continues and he seems to have failed.

  75. We all believe in a Creator who cannot be denied, Guidance comes from the Creator of the Universes, the Creator of Jesus, Muhammad, Abraham, we all come from our father Adam. And to our Creator is our return. There are so many things which are a mystery to us and will remain so until we meet our Creator. We are supposed to seek our Creator in which ever religion we may be part of. The words of the Creator bring the same message of love, forgiveness and giving, sincerity in seeking. What’s the use of fighting each other when this was not the purpose of God creating the creations. I have come to understand that all what God wants of us is that we believe in Him with sincerity, whether we are a muslim, a christian, a jew or what other religion we may belong to. That we are good, we do good and we think good of ourselves, others and above all of God. Compete in doing good to one another. Whether one may say that he prayed to Jesus and was cured, but what is important is that Cure comes from the Creator. We may not recognise Him as our Lord but still He recognises us as His Creations. How much ever we would like to put others out of the fold of His Love (the Creator’s Love), we just will never be able to do so becoz Our Lord loves one and all of us. This is what we should understand but instead we tend to want to rip out each other because of our misunderstanding of our Lord.

    This is a message of Love and Peace. Stop arguing about things that will make the world worse. Let’s reconcile and pray to our Creator for Guidance on the Right Path and Protection from Evil which is found in everyone of us and around us.


  76. Salam aleykum , the post is Well written and it confirms exactly what I thougt when I watched siddiki’s testemony(s), and it opened my eyes for more, so thank You for that Farhan. You took your time to create awareness and You did it in a very understandable manner which you provided facts/sources for. Siddiki’s testimony goes straight to the heart. Really it does , if only it was the truth (which I dont Think it is, obviously) . I dont have evidence to back up my claim, and yes a judget “man is innocent until proven guilty ( according to “the” law). However as you/ Farhan has displayet for us readers , there is simply too Many errors in his (siddiki’s ) testimony. One being when he appeared on This show and openly claimed to be the descendant of the ” first Khalif” Abu bakir . He doesnt mention that in his later testimonies, maybe because it sounded TOO unbelievable so he choose to leave that ” lie” out on his later testimonies, before a huge hype was made of it. WHO knows, right? Also, in his testimony he ( siddiki) claims he cried out ” help me God, I believed in Allah , I believed in muhammed, help me lord” Well thats not a typical Call for help from a muslim to Call Allah ( Lord). And when a light appears as a figure of a man your first thought is ” Jesus” the son of God. ” Makes no sense that a man with siddiki’s family background, Would Think the Way he did . Without hesitation he just knew it was Jesus son of God. Pretty quick to Think in the christian Way for a muslim man descendant from the first khalif ( as he / siddiki claimS) dont You Think ? Lol. Another thing is : he says his father wad a strict man from egypt. Egyptians speak arAbic, right? And u Would Think as. Since his father is strict and they come from a muslim home, that he Would be speaking arabic at home when he grew up. This man ” siddiki has a very thick indian/ hindu english accent, and NOT an arabic dialect/ english accent. So did they in his family speak hindi as the first language or was it arabic ? Sounds more like it was hindi but u Judge for yourselves. As Farhan says. Most of what siddiki is advertising is riches, how to become wealthy. I dont see a man that has been on a spiritual journey. I just dont feel it or see it in his eyes, I have had signs revealed to me too but not in a figure like shape, and my first thought was not ” Jesus son of God” my first thought was ” thank You Allah ” which is God and not son. Signs are everywhere for us to see and we dont need a figure like man to convince us. The beauty of Nature and living are the first signs and there on Many more signs for us to dwell in. So there is much more to say on siddiki’s testimony but Farhan sums it up pretty good. Not gonna make This ” comment” semi Article) any longer. Lol. Open your hearts, ears and eyes. Doesnt hurt to Think for yourself. It benefits.

  77. I found your piece on Sidiki interesting. I must confess though that I did not read the entirety of ur piece as it was replete with raw hate just cos Sidiki has become an apostate. Indeed the Quran calls for his head and all I c here is an attempt to do bidding of the Quran by slaughtering the infidel. I prefer to c u do a piece on restoring the battered image of Islam as a religion of terror and an inward looking one which thinks it’s the only way than attacking a man who has done u no wrong and who has done nothing to discredit Islam.

  78. I’m Santi from Indonesia. Allah is true, Muhammad is true, Islam is true. Allah sent 25 prophets to us and one of them, ISA AS, is praised to be a GOD!

  79. Hello, I am catholic and I am married to a muslim. I can only tell you that Jesus took me into heaven when I was praying in front of the tabernacle in a church in cincinatti. Muslims should ask Jesus who He is and He will tell them. Truth is not to be afraid of. Jesus has also revealed himself to my husband in a dream. i know this much. God is love and he wants all men to come the knowledge of Him. One day soon through the warning God will take every man out of his body and his soul will appear before Him. We will have a mini judgement and we will each see how we look before Him. We will be shown all of our good deeds and all of our sins..Everyone on the earth will know that Jesus is God and he died for our sins while He was sinless because He is God and He cannot sin. There is reason and there is faith. Faith in the true God is a gift and if you want the gift Jesus said ask and you will receive. Our faith teaches us to love all people but hate the sin. Our faith teaches us the way to heaven is to love always and to be a forgiving people to everyone always. We can only accomplish this through a true relationship with Jesus who is love and mercy . You seem to be an educated person so you might want to research divine mercy chaplet and history on google. Thank you for letting me share my faith and may God Bless You! Mrs. elhachimy

  80. Shakir Ahmad, make taubah.

  81. Thank you for the detailed blog; it was very informative. Just to add specifically for Catholic Christians, we pray to the Saints not to worship them, but to venerate / honor / respect them and ask them to pray [to God] FOR us. A good example is in our litany prayers, when we call on Mary and the Saints, we respond “Pray for us”; while when we call on God/Jesus/the Holy Spirit, we would say “Have mercy on us.”

    On the aspect of salvation, I noticed a similarity with you; in that Catholics believe that good deeds [and not only faith] are also necessary for salvation [but would not have resulted in our salvation had it not been for Jesus dying on the cross, which made the forgiveness of our sins possible].

    To be honest, growing up and picking up all sorts of things from different media, I had the impression that Muslims worshiped a different God “Allah” and also worshiped Mohammed. I now know such is not the case, with the help of your blog. Thanks again.

  82. Hi Brothers and Sisters,

    First of all , I would like thank to all of you here confessing(or defending) each other faith. That is good bcoz it is what a Faith about. But we do need to understand that Christ is what matter most.

    We Christian have the freedom but not to sin and if you love Christ and his last judgment tells us , this time he comes to judge the living and dead , you wont dare to hurt HIM anymore who has died for us and who loved us and still loving us for those who seek and trust in HIM. Grace and Hope were born when JESUS died for us. Now it is by Grace and Hope we are united with GOD the Father thru GOD the Son (Jesus Christ) and had sent us a helper to help us which is GOD the Holy Spirit who teaches and guides in our life to whoever wants to be loyal and faithful to Our Lord Jesus Christ. We are fortunate to receive Grace and love for the Gentiles since some Jews unable to receive HIM as Messiah as HE is.

    We do have people around the world who evangelize for the Glory of God , to be Witness of Christ Miracles and also some who makes fame and glory for themselves using Christ name but what is really matter is JESUS who has given the honor and professed their faith that JESUS IS LORD! which we people should stop doing researching or investigating or arguing for a man(doesn’t matter who he is) but to trust on HIM who they preach about , I don’t know they telling the truth or not but we need to test and see by ourselves the power Christ thru our dedication e.g. talk to HIM , quarrel with HIM , Challenge with HIM or Dare to Him if you want to and ask If he is really a SON of GOD, JESUS but remember humbleness what HE requires from us and btw if tears comes flow from our eyes , he cant deny HIMSELF from answering us coz He also have wept.

    As for Muslim brother and Sisters, I don’t have nothing to say coz I don’t know much on Islam but one thing for sure the only prophet who has the miracle powers and born of Virgin Mary is Prophet Isa As in your Holy Writings which no one can denied it. The only thing is what make us differences is Isa is Son of God as we acclaimed and but happy for sure Jesus is Coming back as your prophets and our Lord , the Son Of God

    We do have people converts to Muslims and Christians but do we have rights to judge them. No , we don’t but let GoD judge them only. Advises can be given and show them proof but will not change anything unless if they have been given time for them experience it 1st and then decide for themselves. We Christian go preach the Good News to the poor and needy and set example of ourselves to show love and mercy as Our Lord is ! Remember we are servant not master so we pray for them for their conversion not arguing, defending , clarifying, talk facts or goes back to history.

    For those who Taste(Feels it, Experiences it , Seeking for it) the Goodness of Our Lord Jesus Christ shall never turn away from HIM or Come to HIM! Praised be to LORD JESUS CHRIST!

  83. @Your brother… thankyou for those words…

  84. Dr Sidiki is a tried and tested man of our God .If Jesus has so graciously revealed himself to Dr Sidiki then who are U or anyone else to judge him.
    Jesus revealed and helped a man in desperate need so stop harassing him and move on with your faith.Our Bible does not refer to People as Pigs and Infedels but as People that he so dearly loves .The mere fact that he revealed himself to a non believer is in itself proof that our God loves everyone alike.Other faith have a right choose what they want to believe in and my advise to all the sour grapes out there,LIVE & LET LIVE.

  85. Thank you so much to providing your own view how you watched the testimony part 1 and 2 and other ones…im with u with most what u said and i agree with u on that..of course it angers me from random people making things in their own way of understanding something..any religion of what u might be woudnt like someone to put lies in your religion which isnt based on facts and the teachings of the books..As a muslim i woudnt find that making arguments of religion is good as we all known it but he have sides of his story dr. Saddiqi and yet none of u know what he is truly hiding…any person lets , put the topic of relgion away but when you talk or make conversations in your daily life .. Do you speak to others what you truly feel most of your time or would you say something yet you keep the truth in your heart. listen up people ! people dont speak truth all the one does only few or rarely some percent of people do it..and every person lies ..anyways i wouldnt want to talk about this issue any further ..only anger and hatred between another increases and leads to deadly wars to children and families who hav no say in this everyone knows it ..Opening the topic of religion and making a discussion only increases arguments and more which leads to hatred among one another..

  86. still referring Dr.Sadiqi hiding real truth of his stories..still claim that his story can be fake or real maybe. But of course , we don’t talk about religion but comment were about Dr.Sadiqi is being fake and don’t mention about war to children and families just bcoz of this ..were request don’t but sound like indirectly it is warning who is trying to hide the truth now.
    Faith is what these people trying to say and Mighty Name Of JESUS is powerful enough for anyone to perform miracles not just Dr,Sadiqi .He is only a tool/Servant/ for Glory of God ..we don’t care his motive but his belief and able to perform healings thru the FAITH in JESUS which we all can do for those who believe in JESUS.

    We cant be sure , that Jesus touched him or what but using HIS name now
    to perform healing is something we should do is TRUST IN JESUS! not Dr.Sadiqi. Nabi Isa Al-Masih or Jesus is what we need and truth is out there and for those who cant handle the truth and let it be then.

    This is a peace and sharing thing we having here so please don’t manipulate for having war or hatred on each other.


  87. Hmm.
    Well, I totally agree with the content of your dissertation :p
    I’ve met this man, he seems nice. But his story doesn’t add up, in my opinion.
    I was Christian for a large majority of my life up until about four? Maybe Five years ago. And you can believe I was the person preaching on the corner and in school and in church and at the store and smacking people around with Christian bibles and verses. But then came a time when I needed something more- spiritually. Anyhow, I said all that to say this: we live in a world of two dimensions- physical and spiritual. Being a believer of God (Allah) , the One that created this world and all in it, around it, on it, beyond it, AND the creator of Jesus (Isa AS), I take it upon myself to get the details right, as far as spiritual knowledge is concerned, Instead of saying something that doesn’t add up or make sense. Now, the physical aspect has a lot to do with time, as it has no boundaries, but is a thing which continues to grow because it is a process. And for us, time and it’s process may be one of habit.
    If Mr Siddiki was Muslim or Christian , healed or not healed- if his truth is true, there wouldn’t be any flaws in the background of it, which is where I’m in disagreement with.
    As a Muslim I learned that fasting (Sawm) and the month (Ramadhan) were two totally different things, and that took me less than a month to figure out and remember, whereas Mr Siddiki did not distinguish the two, among other things.

    Whether or not you think Jesus is the way in- that’s totally your opinion. Whether or not you choose to point fingers at [some] Muslims for sleeping all day during Ramadhan or at [some] Christians for for cherry picking, don’t shove each other’s beliefs down your throat. Truth is his story didn’t match up, although his verses may do well. Truth is, we are all going to be held accountable and we all have the CHOICE to choose our own paths to salvation. Typing in caps and blaming or pointing fingers at each other is not going to convert a Christian to Islam nor a Muslim to Christianity.

    Anyhow, good article. Maybe tone down on the levels of personal opinion.
    A lot like writing history, there’s only room for truth, cos at the end of the day, lies will unravel.

    Have a nice one, y’all.

  88. Citrine Series Crystal Oscillators.

  89. Jesus is the LORD!!

  90. There are a lot of business ministers like this that have conversion stories that make them money and get them an audience and clout. It’s all very shifty.. Anyone with good judgement can see right through it.

  91. There are lots of people who convert between Islam, Judaism and Christianity every year. Without a doubt, there are numerous records of these and they will continue as long as there are a multiplicity of religions, people will convert back and forth from one to another for various reasons. This testimonial is highly suspect though.

    The picture he shows of his hospitalization in this video:

    is actually makeup from another dramatization from another special. you can compare here.

    if you pause both videos you can compare and see that although the lighting is different in the video and photos the raised wound marks are identical. This is purposefully misleading at the very least.

    There are a lot of business ministers like this that have conversion stories that they espouse on television, in conferences (that pay very well) and in their tell all books that make them money and get them an audience and clout. It’s a common business model, and a means for this guys livelihood. If you pay attention you can see it time and time again in various forms.

  92. Jesus appeared to Nasir Sidikki, not Muhammad or Allah, in his dying hour, in his hour of desparate need. That says it all.

    What you quoted fron the old testament (Deuteronomy) was not from the mouth of Jesus.
    John said, “For the law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ” (Jn. 1: 17)
    The love and truth of Jesus supercedes all the old canon laws.

  93. Ole Fwank, I realize your comment was posted years ago but I just came across this page today.

    Dr. Nasir isn’t from London,Ontario… He himself states it’s London, England

    He’s a fraud and shouldn’t be listened to…. Guys like him give others that do speak the truth a bad name.

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